12 Sep 2017

Stepping into September


Kissed by the frost.  Fall changes are happening slowly.


The birds aren't singing and I don't see very many out there.  It reminds me of the title of Farley Mowat's book And No Birds Sang.  Already, I miss and long for their songs.
If you stand very still in the woods you may hear a peep here and there. They are molting and resting for their journey south where they will have many stories to tell and songs to sing.

Squatters on the turtles' deck. 

My Chrysanthemum has come into its own. It loves the cool nights and cooler sunny days. 

* * *

Besides enjoying nature, I've been throwing acrylic paints about and loving it. 

Cool Blues
And the brights
I finished this painting in August. They both will t be sealed with Krylon spray varnish.  I'll need to go to the great outdoors for that...ventilation and plenty of it is essential.

The annual autumn leaf pick-up has begun, although there are only a few "pretty" leafs just now. I'm thinking of adding leaves and seeds to my hawthorn berry painting that I painted last year. 

Using Arches watercolour block and Senellier paints for bookmarks.  For the front, I'll use the Jane Davenport paints. Unfortunately the paper for the colour coding is, for me, too slick for proper graduations, but nevertheless, as you can see, her colours are bright, beautiful, and transparent. What a lovely mix!

Laminated bookmarks would be nice, but the machines are expensive, so I'll try self-laminating sheets.  Ooooo. We will see what happens with that. I have visions of being stuck to the sheets. :)
Experimenting with different pens to see what works.

 It's difficult to say this but I know a few readers may have been in the path of the hurricanes, the earthquake, or the wild fires. I do hope you are all safe! Of course, I wish safety for everyone affected, and I do hope people are getting the help and relief that they so desperately need. My heart goes out to everyone.

'Til next time . . .


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    OMG Dixie, such gorgeous photos and the paintings. I just LOVE them. Makes me think of Jackson Pollock! I love his paintings. Do you plan to sell them? I'd love one of the blue and one of the brighter colours. Thank you for this blog. I love reading it and stealing the photos. Love, Joannie

  2. Thank you so much, Joannie. I am pleased that you enjoy my blog.
    I only have one painting left. I'll contact you with the details.

  3. Looks like we are on a parallel with the subtle shift into fall. Your paintings are wonderful! The blue reminds me of swirling water. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you come back again.

  4. Hello Dixie, thank you so much for your sweet visit to my blog :) I love your blog, the nature observations you make and your gorgeous paintings and knitting projects. We seem to have a similar way of looking. I too love watching the little things of wonder in nature and take photos of them or short videos, gather nature finds and capture it all in paintings or other art projects. I love your use of bright but gentle colours. Visiting your blog fills me with peace. Thank you for that Dixie. Wishing you a beautiful and sunny day, xx Wen of AppleApricot

  5. Oh, how lovely all your paintings are, Dixie. I love how you have been throwing the paint around. =) Your Chrysanthemum has come into it's own, hasn't it. Lovely photos of your early Fall; a beautiful season for a painter such as you, I should think. Enjoy collecting all the different leaves that Fall gifts you.

  6. Your paintings are fabulous and your bookmark! I wonder if there are printing services that also offer laminating? We used the self laminating sheets at a senior graduation party and they worked great!

  7. Each season has its own loveliness and your photos prove that. I would love to hear the duck stories as they rest between legs of their journey!

  8. Such beautiful photos, Dixie! My mums plant has buds on it, but hasn’t started blooming yet. Yours are gorgeous! The paintings and bookmarks are beautiful. Must be very liberating to play with colours. I have no patience whatsoever, so I ask my husband to spray the sealant spray for me :)



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Thank you for your visiting!