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February 28, 2017

A Shadow Box and Gift Tags


I've been meaning to post, but the fact is there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Mostly I've been drawing, and impatiently waiting for my watercolour paper to arrive. The paper that I bought in the fall and did  love to use turned out to be defective. The company is working on it, but who knows when they will have it fixed.
 In the meantime, I've been trying out other wc paper without success.  Recently, two Bockingford blocks arrived and I've transferred a crab apple drawing. For the past week, I've been avoiding trying it out.  Maybe it's that twelve times bitten, or should I say twelve times disappointed thing going on. Who knows? But tomorrow, tomorrow is the day for sure.

Colours fit for Easter...
More gift tags. They are fun to paint, but as I've mentioned before really messy to make.  I used coarse and fine salt, and splashed one with rubbing alcohol for a different look.
The reverse.

One of the two Maestros paintings that didn't quite work out. Since Michaels had a 50% sale on shadow boxes, I thought I'd try to selvedge this fellow.
You may remember the other one...
On the needles . . .

A beret using a pattern that I am making up as I go along. Now to figure out the decreases. I hope it works!

And . . .

A compilation of items I gathered while walking. I foresee a rainy day drawing.

And there have been more winter walks. . .

 Where the wild fern grows and soon well, maybe not so soon, but soon, once again, it will look like this...
I know. Call me obsessed.  If you've been reading along, you'll know that the ferns are one of my winter picture posting habits. Uplifting or what? I love these so!

On our walk, we spotted a dove, but when the poor creature saw us she shrieked and bolted in fear.

'Til next time... 

"May this lovely day, bring in loads of joy and sweetness in you life.
May your beautiful face shower smiles and shine the world with brightness." 

 Author Unknown

January 12, 2017

Wandering Camera for January

Imagine that. After a quiet month, two post in less than a week. I can't believe it!

A year has past since the Wandering Camera link party began over on Soma's blog Whims and Fancies.  I've had fun linking up and wandering around the world looking at the link party participants wonderful  photos. A big thank you to my lovely and wonderful friend, Soma for hosting.

We were out for a chilly December walk in the bird sanctuary. Ten minutes into the walk, I was wishing I'd worn my ski pants. But intrepid travelers move on, hopefully without too much whining. 😇

Bare trees showing off their character in the moonlight.
Inside blossoms and greenery. For me, beautiful necessities that brighten up the winter months.
                          I finished knitting the Violet Cap, and I shipped it off to it's owner. The colour                              is not spot on. My camera tells tales.

Animal tracks. Top one may be a porcupine. Any ideas? I'll must check with a woodsman I know.

Bottom track ~ a deer with places to go.

Red squirrel out to forage in the sunshine. We left him a lot of peanuts. Hopefully he stuffed his storage vaults because spring is not in the air.

A heart warmer. 💖

                                                    Doodles ~ Key People. I may paint these.

Here's to all of you! 

A cup of Matcha. These days it's almost a daily ritual.  


October 25, 2016


October 25, 2016 ~ Post 180
I steamed block my Flora Cowl because I wanted to wear it this past weekend.   Later, I will  wet block it.  However, a steamer, which I don't own, would have worked wonders.  I do like how the leaf sections in the pattern add texture.

I did knit a beret awhile ago that is almost the same colour as the cowl. So much so that, luckily, I can wear them together.
I loved how this pattern meandered along. Since it's not that wide, it was easy and quite quick to knit a section. I'd like to knit another cowl like this using a different pattern, or maybe I'll get inventive and fashion one of my own.  Raverly project page here.

* The Flora Cowl comes from the first issue of  the Making magazine. I am thinking of knitting a hat  from the magazine and there are great sweater patterns in the first issue too.

 * * * 
And a few more colourful fall pics...

An orange Sumac. Usually they turn red.
So many berries for the birds. Good! These ones are especially beautiful.

Crab Apples on the drawing board.

A feast for the eye.

Next, a few pics from Pumpkin Inferno. What a spectacular show!  The pictures could be clearer but it was scary and dark. Excuses, excuses.  ;-) Actually, these pics are from last year. I  hope to go this weekend.


Have a safe and a Happy Hallowe'en! 

October 11, 2016

Water Lilies ~ Time Slip

October 11, 2016
Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada. So if you are in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

My the seasons have moved fast this year. So fast that I feel like I'm in a time slip.  Spring, although late, (it always seems late ;) and lovely.  And now slipping through the cracks: autumn: a blast of gorgeousness and refined beauty. What luck, this year, to have such wonderful seasons.
Clearly, I haven't mention winter. It, of course, it's not without beauty, but since I lived in the Arctic for many years, with winter arriving in October and leaving the end of June, or later, I do so appreciate spring, summer, and fall. And I wish, each year, that they could linger just a little longer.

White Water Lily

If I could capture the reflected light, I'd love to paint these lilies. Oil paints would work, but I  don't own any oils, nor do I know much about them. ( Monet comes to mind. He could make a painting sing.)

 Yellow pond lilies.
What a wonderful pattern on the water and O that reflected light.

Going to seed in a beautiful way...

It's always a treat to see something you haven't seen before. What an unusual colour.
Red squirrel.
A cooperative leopard frog.


Would a smaller pumpkin work? Perhaps I just need a larger doily.

On the Needles:

The Flora Cowl with about 29 inches/73.66 cm to go.
. . .
I'm off to enjoy a cup of Matcha.

'Til next have a lovely week!

September 06, 2016

Fall, Shawl Collared Cowl

September 6, 2016

Labour Day has come and gone and everyone's talking about fall, even though we are having wonderful summer weather, but I have noticed a change in the air, especially at night.  Still I've decided to stick with summer. Picnic anyone? After all, fall doesn't officially arrive until September 22nd.

I love these delicate blooms.  I  just googled and found out that they are called Peruvian lilies or Lily of the Incas.

 Looks like fall wear. And after that sweet talk about summer, but being prepared can't hurt.

 This Shawl Collared Cowl has been in the basket (dare I say) for almost two years. (I am so happy I can knit again!)  I really like this pattern. I've knit it for gifts and for myself.  Yes, I am one of those people, if I like something why not (sometimes) have two. :) I've knit two with Alpaca. It's soft and wonderful to wear, but it does stretch a lot, so, for this one, I added a lace weight mohair for support. Since mohair is suppose to be the warmest fiber, it should, coupled with the Alpaca, be lovely and warm, especially once the loft fluffs up.

A relatively fast knit, but I did spend too long in the fabric store staring at a wall of bland buttons. Nothing caught my eye, until, that is, I saw ice blue. 
 (Did I mention that I am so happy I can knit again!) 

Raverly info here.

Lily of the Incas, Hydrangea, Wax plant bloom.

The last two years I've only had one bloom on my wax plant. Maybe it needs a new owner. (I give it a good fertilizer and put it outside in the summer.)  Calling all gardeners...any ideas for more blooms?

'Til next time...Have a lovely week!
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