March 07, 2017

Watercolour ~ In The Tropics


Generally I don't keep track of the time it takes me to complete a painting, because timing yourself can take the fun out of it. But in case you are wondering, I worked on this painting for over thirty hours. Seems long doesn't it? But for me it was rather fast. Detail takes a long time. A looser style might be faster, but I know a lot of control goes into it. 
The finished painting compete with the delightful mess I make.

If you are new to painting, it's not wise to set your work station up like mine. As you can see I use foam board as a drawing board and balance it on the end of the tray that holds the water. That, of course, means that each time I wet the brush, or dip it into the clean water I pull it back across the paper. That could be disastrous, especially if you are using brushes that don't hold the paint well. 
The ideal set up: if you are right handed the water should be on the right hand side and vice versa for left handed people.  I learned that later, but love my set up so I don't want to change it. ( Definitely one of those don't do as I do things.)

Somewhere in the middle of things...

Please excuse my picture taking today. I have a bully of a cold.  I have not had a cold for a long time, and I had forgotten just how undignified they really are. If Rudolph could see me now, I know he would be envious of my nose. Swathed in comfortable clothes, all I am really missing is the moose slippers. Being a Canadian girl, I really should own a pair. My son said, "You don't complain." (and then after a long pause) said, "Much Mom." The poor young man missed his calling, he should be in the diplomatic core. 

Up next:
A prayer plant. A first for me. It's so beautiful.  I've drawn a leaf to paint. I am thinking the lighter one might be easier, but O those dark greens with the pink are glorious.

Enjoy the week...  

"If you love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

Vincent Van Gogh


  1. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Hello Dixie , Enjoyed the paintings today , they are so bright and cheerful . we are having dull weather here , so very nice to look at . wonderful work , even with a cold . Lorraine

  2. This painting is a happy painting.

    Hope you are soon all well ~ FlowerLady

  3. Anonymous8:37 am

    Hi Dixie:

    I love your paintings. Such happy little birds, in spite of the cold being suffered by the artist. I hate colds. When I do get one and I am blowing the heck out of my nose, I put bag balm under it and it never gets chapped or sore. I purchased the bag balm from Lee Valley.

    I'm nearly finished 'The Dovekeepers'. I'll miss it when I'm done. I am also getting the DVD from the library today so I can see how I feel about the TV series with Cote de Pablo starring as Yael.

    Be well again soon.

    Love, Joannie

  4. I always love to gaze upon your paintings, Dixie. There is so much beautiful detail in each one. You have a very special talent!

  5. As much as I admire people who can do very quick sketches, I have given up on the idea that I can be one of them. I like to add details in my paintings. It takes time, and I don’t care to keep track of that time either.

    One of the many reasons I love looking at your paintings is the beautiful details you work into each and every piece. This one looks absolutely amazing. I am surprised that it took you only 30 hours.

    I hope you are feeling better by now. I have to agree with your son. You are not the kind of person who complains...much :)



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