June 01, 2017

First There Was a Robin and then . . .

Hi there,

Since I generally post on Tuesday, I can't believe it's not Tuesday.  It came and went without me, but, hey, thinking it's Tuesday must mean something. :) Moving on . . . to Spring! We've had it all weather wise. It's been very hot and it's also been unseasonably cold with a lot of rain. Perfect weather, it seems, for a beautiful spring.

Always on the outlook for whatever nature puts on display, I was lucky to happen upon a mother robin and her nest. I haven't seen robins' eggs since I was child. And what can you really say about robin's egg blue? It's the prettiest colour.

Not on her watch. Alert and on guard. I didn't want to upset her too much so I've waited awhile and then made a fast trip in to see her babies.

Two fat chicks, tucked in a warm nest and growing like weeds with the help of a package of mealy bugs and two hard working, diligent parents. Robins never use a nest twice. And these parents could raise two more families this year. Lined with mud (how many trips does it take?) and once that's dry, last year's dry grasses up the snuggle effect. The papa bird brings materials, but the female builds the nest. She's a wonderful artist. The grasses are spread out on the sides and the bottom with a real flare.

Flora ...
 Hostas. Wish they were mine.
Pretty in pink.  A Hawthorn tree.

Solomon's Seal

Once again, lovely ferns on the grow. So fresh and green. I can't help it, I am crazy about them.

The wetlands are actually wet this year. Drained for three years to kill off the cattails, it's, once again, brimming with water. The tadpoles are jumping and the frogs are loving it. What a chorus! 

 * * *
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Turtles."

Art for art's sake...

A mock up of violets. Very soon there will be an art show at the mall. I'd like enter two paintings, so I better get back to the painting board.

And finally, this lucky marsh wren was chosen for the spring show and flew off to the local gallery. 

I hope you are all enjoying spring, or if you are down under a wonderful fall.

Thank you so much for visiting. . .hope to see you on Instagram too. Let me know if you are there.

Enjoy . . .


  1. Such a pretty post, Dixie, filled with sweet Robins, sweet little chicks, pretty blue eggs, perfectly fashioned nests, verdant green plants AND certaintly not the least, gorgeous art from your clever hands. It looks as if Spring and you are having the best time. Here downunder, Fall has been rather lovely....lots of crisp mornings and lovely sunny, warm days.

  2. Love your photos of my own personal favorite time of year!

    1. It is a wonderful time of year. Enjoy!

  3. That is truly a very pretty shade of blue. So much work to build the nest only to use it just once. Gorgeous greens! Thank you so much for sharing the photos. The violet is looking very lovely. I know that little wren. I am sure it is enjoying all the attention in the gallery :)


  4. Anonymous8:00 pm

    What a wonderful post, so rich with photos. Robin's egg blue. Nothing like it. We had robins build a nest above the light outside on our garage. The next year they built their nest above our eavestrough on the house. We have a ton of pictures Guy took of the babies and parents. All five babies flew from the nest, but the last one took a while and died. We have a picture of Guy holding the little dead bird. He buried him under our lilac tree. I'm looking forward to learning how your paintings do. Love, Joannie

    1. Thanks, Joannie.
      I am happy to report that these two wee fellows flew off to forage and enjoy life. I am noticing the little robins more now. Against a green backdrop, with their dark plumage, they look more like a starling or a crow.


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