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12 Nov 2019

To the Sea ~ Continued

I decided to add a few more pictures from Nova Scotia for my web log.  Of course, in the end, it will only be a fraction of what I took while I was there.

When I was visiting, we took time for a whistle stop in Chester, N.S.  A lovely little town that promotes the arts. They have an active Playhouse as well as a busy Art Gallery. There are many wonderful artists and beautiful vacation homes in this wealthy area. 

A quaint main street.

I spied this American Flag so I sauntered up the street to investigate.

O, I see. 

Moving along to Black Rocks. I believe this boat must be there for artists. Perfect for a painting.

Low tide.

Interesting back yard booty.

Pelham house. The oldest house Lunenburg, N.S. Circa 1760.

Circa 1775.  Love the door.

Fishing Shack. Blue Rocks, N.S.

Antique glass buoys.

Next door. 
This shack is not a working fishing shack, so the inside rumbles with innovative, artistic decor. Everywhere you look something remarkable peeps out at you.
I was in it several years ago, but it's been sold so I couldn't take a peek this time.

Notice the church window to the left.

The tree out there is decked for Christmas.
Apparently, a tourist was concerned about the duck to the left because it wasn't moving. She thought someone better rescue it.  
It is a decoy.


Another lovely door.

* * *

I will  be listing this framed Iris oil painting in my Etsy shop next week.

'Til next time...

Cultivate Your Dreams.
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Kim said...

Thank you for sharing more lovely photos of your visit to Nova Scotia, Dixie. So many gorgeous buildings, doors, windows......vignettes of scenery to please the eye. Yes, that fabulous boat is the perfect subject of a painting or two.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these photos, especially the ones of the sea. I 'stole' one for my photos. You didn't have a note underneath it, but I love the little house or fishing shack. Not sure exactly what it is. It just spoke to me. Thank you, Dixie. Love, Joannie

Crownandcottage said...

What a beautiful collection of photos and a lovely place to visit.

~ Dixie said...

I am glad you enjoyed the pictures, Kim. I do love the doors. And would love to know what's behind each one.
And you are most welcome!

~ Dixie said...

O good, Joannie.I am glad you like the photos. I love the area.
When I was there, I would be looking about about and then, find myself somewhere deep into a reverie.

~ Dixie said...

Thank you!
And thanks for visiting.

Soma @ said...

How did I miss this wonderful post, Dixie?!! Beautiful Iris painting, love the black background! Chester is truly a lovely little town. I was thinking about painting that boat even before I read what you wrote about it. What is it with artists and boats?! We love to paint weathered wood, don't we? I wonder why there is a church window on a fishing shack. Story? :)