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October 05, 2015

Bird and Butterfly

Thank you for your lovely comments about my Rosetta Mitts pattern! There has been a lot of downloads on Raverly. I'd love to see these mitts knit with different yarns and colours. I am knitting another pair in Superman Yellow, using Classic Elite Yarns Fresco.

 Before I post a picture of my latest painting, I want to share a few pictures of wild flowers and something unusual that I ran into lately. That's the great thing about nature if you are looking you just might see something that you've never seen before. In this case, it was my son who pointed out this unusual bug to me. Apparently, some of us have our heads in the clouds.
While I was trying to capture a picture of this monarch butterfly, a dragonfly landed on my hand. He left and came back and was on my hand when I took this pic.  My son took a picture with his phone, but unfortunately it's fuzzy.
I think these are wild cucumber.
A leaf bug. I couldn't believe it...we actually saw two.  As you can see from his eye, he has a giant attitude.

My painting "board" is foam board. Balanced on the tray, it's the perfect height for me.  I can draw on it and because it's so cheap, I'll throw it out when it gets dirty. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'd like to open an Etsy shoppe, so I've been busy looking for printers etc. We have several printers in town, but, unfortunately, not one focuses on watercolour prints. In particular, I would like to order Giclee prints. I am in the process of sourcing printers in Toronto. Hopefully, I'll have something on the go soon.

Enjoy the week...

August 22, 2015

On A Limb

The golden rod is in full bloom. We've had a lot of rain so it is beautiful and lush along the pathways of my old haunts. I'd post a few more pics but I am currently having an argument with Windows 10. I didn't import my files correctly, so I need to make a few adjustments.

I loved painting this birdie on a limb. I have several more to paint, and when I am finished, I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop.
I hope you are all having a great weekend!
'Til next time...Enjoy...

September 07, 2014

Flower Power

Sunflowers teeter near the sky.
Even if I am late, when I see a garden or wildflowers I have to stop, if I can, and sneak a peek. There are not always roses to smell, but even little snatches of time spent looking at striking colours, unusual textures and prolific blossoms can lift the mood and add a splash of dazzle to the day. 
I hope these  pictures add a little dazzle to your day.

Love-lies-bleeding. Talk about a dramatic common name.
Added texture compliments of the bugs.
I love these fresh stripes. I am not sure what they are yet, but you can bet your buttons I will find out.

                                              Pink wildflower ~ Hairy Herb Willow

                     An old Greek Revival house in the village with a formal garden.

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