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12 Jul 2022

Lovely Summer Days

We were out at the Parkway for a picnic recently. As you can see the day was generous--nothing but beautiful!

Sometimes you just want to hitch a ride, but the skipper was having a few issues: namely hitting the bottom. For privacy's sake, I removed the people and the name of the boat. 

 A peaceful cove

Wildflowers. Fleabane, Hawkweed, Anemone

Canada Geese 

Because I didn't want to startle them, I snuck up on these geese. As you can see some were busy feeding. I didn't know it but they also "talk" softly to each other all the time. It must be comforting, I suppose. 
Canadian geese mate for life. 
At another time, I watched
 one standing guard while the other one enjoyed a lovely grassy dinner.

Generally, Canadians are known to be nice folks, but these Canadians can
be rather feisty. They will attack humans or something as large as a cow if they feel threatened, or they are protecting their nest.  

Last year, a female laid her eggs in the Walmart parking lot miles away from the river. The city came and put a fence around her. What a silly goose!
Meanwhile the anxious male hung around outside the fence, dogging traffic. (I hope he made it.)
In the end, I bet
 there was some sort of marital discussion.
Such as, "Martha we've got to do better than this."
"I agree, but I believe this was your idea, Fred.”

* * *

                                    More sun prints bookmarks with watercolour enhancements. 


Blue and White.

The time has come for my annual blog break. Depending on where you live, I will be back in the fall or the spring. Thank you all for your lovely comments and for reading along so far this year. 
‘Til Next time…

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