October 25, 2018

Autumn Trails

Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone and the days are growing shorter. These shiny jewel days of light and shadow make me want to store them away like the treasure they are.
Maybe the crispiness in the air gives me a heightened sense of awareness too. Or maybe old man winter steps too close to the beauty that reigns just now. But whatever the reason, I just want to savor every moment on offer.

Crab Apples
Along the St. Lawrence River.

In the fall the sky fluctuates between stormy and fair. Rare painterly wonders.

Tree tops.

On and on...

I had hoped to have the drawing on the painting board by now. Although beautiful I am not
sure about painting yellow flowers. Already I want to paint them purple. Call it artistic license.


Always a night to remember. Pumpkin Inferno.

 A little time on "a dark and stormy night" without a plan and some acrylic paint. Something, I reckon, to add to the mystery of Hallowe'en.

'Til next time.  Have a safe and Happy Hallowe'en!

I am linking to Around the World Wednesday.
And Wandering Camera.

Many thanks ladies!

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