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28 Feb 2023

Fire in the Sky


 Hi everyone,


Sometimes getting up early really pays. So happy to see this lovely sunrise recently. Definitely "Fire in the Sky."

 Google tells me Smoke on the Water--a song with the words fire in the sky in it was written by Deep Purple.

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Looks like Blogger is having issues. A few people have told me that they can't leave a message here, or that they had a very difficult time in doing so.

I have also tried to visit a few blogs and received a message that said something like this blog is open to invited readers only. The blogs were listed in a blog hop, so I'm sure visitors are welcome. 

I return visits so I hope they get it fixed soon! Also, if you can't leave a message and  wish to leave a comment, there is a contact form on the sidebar here.  (Hope it works.)

Started a Commonplace Book.  Not a journal per se, but a place for quotes, notes and whatever you like to write in it that you find interesting and that strikes your fancy.  So far, I have started a list of the books I would like to read this year, and also started a section for quotes. 

I do write things down in my journal, but that doesn't always make for easy access, especially if it is quite full.  ( i.e. Oh where, oh where did I write that?) 

This book is ruled and the spaces are rather large between the ruled lines. Could be smaller. But, then again, any note book will do.


               Assortment of dried flowers and leaves that I picked last summer. And a Primrose drawing--looking down on the potted plant.

I save the bits and dust from my pastels and then grind them down and add a bit of water to make a stick.

With no mortar and pestle, it's difficult to get a powder form, but I don't mind a few raised bits for texture and a bit of rogue colour.

  Not everyone does this, but, hey,
depending on the brands sold, one pastel stick can cost $7 to $9. 

Good pastels are made by hand.  Just pure pigment with a little binder mixed in and then hand rolled.
 Roche pastels from France are very expensive.  $20 euros for one in open stock. 
Cheapest listed $16.00 euros.

 Roche pastels were used by Degas. 
They are so rich and beautiful. I know this from pictures only.

They must have many secret recipes.

* * *

Meet Strawberry. She belongs to a friend of mine who owns a strawberry farm. Hence the name. I call her Miss Berry. What a darling kitty. It was love at first sight.
Birdie bookmark. 

* * *
                                          Second time reading this book. It's excellent.
                                      You can have a look at several pages here. 

Cultivate Your Dreams

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