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22 Nov 2022

A Journey

 The Nova Scotia flag. Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland.   

Hi everyone,

A few pictures from my recent trip to Nova Scotia. I had planned to go in July, then the middle of October, but "the best laid plans of mice and men [women] often go awry." Robert Burns.

Dire news bulletins trumpeted warnings about this virus and that virus. Finally, after another delay because of Covid at the residence my Mother lives in, I sallied forth, not completely undaunted, but determined to go while praying that I wouldn't bring Covid along with me. 

Finally, masked and somewhat anxious, with a carry on in one hand, and a suitcase stowed in the hold, I stumbled onboard the plane and hoped for the best. Thankfully, all went well.

I was eager to see my family, and especially my 99 year old Mother. She was surprised and pleased to see me, and I was delighted to see her too!

When I left her, I thought I might have a meltdown, ( perhaps it will happen yet) but, somehow, I just felt a wonderful sense of comfort and peace that remains with me still.

            While there, my sister and I went to visit an old friend. This is the view from his living room window.

                                                             Lucky duck!

                         Shortly after I left, a winter snowstorm draped itself across his view. Lovely!

                                      Love the little dory planter in this old shop window.

 A real Dory. They are always painted the same bright colour. No doubt to make it easier to spot in the fog.

Such a sturdy little boat that was launched from a schooner way back when. Old fishermen tell yarns/tales of calm days and of cold, wet, rough days fishing from dories with curtains of sea spray washing over the gunnels. They must have been thankful for a Sou'wester and their oil skins.

I had some time to walk along the waterfront. It brought back a lot of memories. 

I also tried to imagine what was happening on the waterfront in this town settled by United Empire Loyalists in 1783. Tall ships would have sailed up the long harbour to unload 5000 people 1783 and also 5000 more in 1784. By 1784 it was one of the largest towns in North America with, you guessed it, a population of 10,000 people. They, no doubt, would have been busy settling in, picking lots, clearing treed, stony land, and building houses while, likely, hoping and praying that winter would not arrive early.

The Ross Thompson House: a large four storey, wooden building with a gable roof at the south end and gambrel roof at the north. Now a museum, in its day it was a store and a private residence; the Ross brothers opened the store in 1785. Many stories must be locked within those walls. I may have one in mind.

While I was visiting, a late hurricane swept up the eastern seaboard. The winds were not really severe in the area of Nova Scotia we were in, but, as you can see, the seas were high-spirited and rocky. There was, however, extensive damage in the Halifax area. PEI and other maritime provinces suffered a lot of damage as well. Unfortunately, Florida took a major hit too. My heart goes out to all the people affected by the storm.

A locally build and designed Cape Island Boat. A true master of the seas. Some of the larger models used for lobster fishing cost between 1 - 2 million.

Moored close to shore for safety. I hope the crew stayed on shore.


                                       These two pastel paintings have been added to my shop.

 Somehow Blogger lost this post three separate times, so I better sign off now and save, save, save it. Not that the save button helped before. But I hope to get the better of Blogger this time. Yes, Ms. Tenacity Forbearance is back in the building.  :)

                                       A safe and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

                                                            'Til next time...

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