February 13, 2018

The View From Here

Outside . . .

Hello beauties! 

Doe a deer a female deer. 👀

All bluster along the river.

The yellow weeping willows.

Inside . . .

Lately, I've had the urge to knit something. Awhile ago, I bought two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed yarn, so I may knit one of their hats. In the meantime, besides a bit of seed planting, and stamp making, I've been drawing and painting flowers.

At the moment, I have snowdrops on my mind. Must be that spring thing creeping up on me again.  I'd love to see a snowdrop. Besides white, I did notice that, these days, there are amazing yellow and pink ones, too. 

Last fall, I looked for snowdrop bulbs, but didn't find any. If all goes well, and I can find them I will order some by mail next fall and try to force them. Forcing requires about 12 weeks of cool temperatures. A small fridge should work, although they can't be cooled near fruit.

I tried both sides of the Moulin du Roy 300 lb. watercolour paper for the Himalayan poppies. Another beautiful flower that I've never seen. I'm still not sure which side of the paper I like best, although the right side seems a bit more vibrant.( Yes, I am still arguing with paper. Fabriano was sooo perfect!)

I just noticed I am missing a flower stock. :)

Flower doodles.


 (If you've been watching When Calls the Heart, season 5 starts Feb 18th. I can't wait!)
 My last Amaryllis for the season.

Enjoy the week . . .😘

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