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A Snowy Day

Feb. 11, 2020

Hi there,

     While I am always eager to welcome spring, I also enjoy a walk in a snow, especially in a storm.
     So the other day during a huge snow storm I set off. Other than a few intrepid people out shoveling snow, or snow blowing out their driveways, (an effort in futility it seemed) it was lovely and quiet. The quiet reminded me of a line from one of Robert Frost’s poems: "The other sound's the sweep of easy wind and downy flake."

If you are out walking in a storm, you may get a few strange looks like I did. I also received an            apology from an older gentleman (obviously a knight...chivalry exists) who, arriving home, got out of his car, and as I walked by, he said it's hard going, otherwise I would drive you home.
I said I was out for a walk. Yes, for sure, rather on purpose. He looked somewhat astonished. I remarked, thank you anyway, smiled and walked on.

Back inside, invigorated by my winter walk, with a hot cup of tea in hand, and a view of a few pretty flowers, life feels grand.

Sometime ago I painted this little birdie and made bookmark for you lovely people. It was originally painted on natural white paper, using different colours that didn't scan well, so I have re-worked it.
You can print the bird on card stock, cut it out along the oval, and if you wish use a hole punch and add a ribbon like I did.  Although it looks very bright above, depending on your printer, or paper, it may be darker or lighter when printed. You can, of course, download and adjust if necessary.  I printed on Avery Inkjet card paper that I cut in half to (5 x 7) and printed to the actual print size 4.95 x 5.48 inches. I hope it prints nicely for you.

I used cream colour paper in the first bookmark and that deepened the colours some what, but they    are close to the original. Below laminated and printed on white card stock. Nearly ready for the mail.

To print click HERE

Happy Valentine's Day!
'Til Next Time...

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