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26 Sept 2023

Mixing It Up

Fishing shacks in Blue Rocks, N.S.

   Hi Everyone,

 Two photos from hurricane Lee that recently blew over Nova Scotia.

                                                            A very good day to stay home.

                                  Autumn has arrived and the leaves are slowly changing. I'm always picking up leaves and such even when I say I won't.

                                    Came upon this welcome scene in the middle of the woods.

                                                                       Burning Bush

A lethargic bee

                                                With the temps dropping the bees are moving slowly. Great photo opportunity, but not good for the bees. I am not sure if these worker bees made it back to the hive.

                                                                           * * *

The Birdhouse Inn

The beautiful artwork today is by Jeanie who blogs at The Marmalade Gypsy. You can find Jeanie here. Jeanie sent me this delightful card as a thank you for being a winner of my recent giveaway.

Until Next Time...

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