April 17, 2018

Blog Anniversary and A Free Bookmark

Looks like spring inside. So I'll keep that positivity going. Actually, the temperatures are due to rise by the end of the week. And they will go up again the following week so we will soon have lovely weather. Speaking of spring, the robins have arrived. I haven't heard any singing yet though, but I bet they will be singing next week. O, can't wait!

A cheerful faced pansy.

Besides painting and drawing, I've been making a few items with paper clay. Trinket dishes and  needle minders painted with acrylic paint. Now, I'm on the lookout for thin magnets for the needle minders.

On April 21st I will have been blogging five years.  I wish you could all join me for tea and madelines to celebrate. What a lovely day that would be!

Over the past while, I've been thinking about what to giveaway to thank all of you, and since I would like everyone who reads along to have something, I decided on a printable bookmark.
Since I am not savvy with Photoshop type programs, there was a definite learning curve. Thank goodness for You Tube videos. I wrote everything down so maybe, just maybe, I can repeat the process sometime.

 Not your average shaped printable bookmark. Print version below.

Once you've printed the bird on card stock, cut the "Spread the Love Birdie" out along the dotted line. If desired, use a hole punch to punch a hole through the top and thread with pretty ribbon.

Print Birdie here

 Nary a straight word in sight. An adrift day. Perhaps. Because the paper is delicate, and even though I wrote the original quote in pencil, I could not erase it. But I like it anyway.

Thank you my lovely blogging pals and readers for reading along! 



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