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April 02, 2019

Maple Taps

Today, mostly a quiet post with pictures from a recent trip to the Maple Farm and a few more.
If you've been reading along, you may remember that I went to the sugar camp last year only to find it closed. (Apparently, I don't agree with reading fine print on websites.) But this year, all systems: go. Just look at that delightful open sign. A great breakfast was had. For me, pancakes with A lot of maple syrup. So tasty!

 Breakfast by the fire. Love those old skis.

The sap is clear until it is rendered down.
Maple Taffy on the snow. Just roll it up on a stick and viola!
In my element. After a hearty breakfast, time to hike the trails.  Just look at the colour of the sky!
Sap line running.
Along the river. The ice melts nicely. The ships will soon sail the seaway again.

The geese have returned.

I have left comments for those who left one for me on my last post. I hope to continue to do so going forward.

* * *
* A note to let my followers on instagram know that I have closed my original account. (dixie.l) It was compromised; a site was using my pictures to run ads. I could, of course, have asked instagram to remove it, but from the comments I read, it seems that site just kept rearing its ugly head like a Hydra. (Some of my pictures and artwork still appear in as a image search; I do hope they disappear.) So if I've lost you in the shuffle and I have lost many followers, please re-follow at dixielee.k @ instagram. Thank you so much, lovelies!

Wishing you peace, joy and loads of fun.

 ' Til next time...

Cultivate Your Dreams.

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