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6 Jul 2021

Trees and Things

                                                              Looks like a deserted island.
 Hi there,

       Another day along the river. Can anyone ever have too many of those? 

                                                 Wonderful old trees along the Parkway. 

 If you been reading this blog for awhile, you will know that I love trees. Unfortunately, the nasty Gypsy moth caterpillars find them attractive and tasty too. When I was out at the Parkway recently, sitting at a picnic table under a tree, the caterpillars were falling on my head. I ran to better accommodations by the water's edge. 

In towns further down the highway the caterpillars have completely denuded and killed trees and are so busy munching others that the trees have lost the top quarter or more of leaves. Apparently, one adult caterpillar can chomp down one square foot of leaves a day. Parks Canada has decided to allow nature to take its course. I don't like spraying, but something should be done. It will take a really cold winter with temps to -20 to knock them back. One wonders when it will end. 

Such a beautiful tree.
First wildflower or a weed a Wild Pea, I think. Second one? Last picture Spatterdock, or yellow pond lily.

 Peonies ~ I can't resist buying a bunch.
* * * 
From the easel...

Nearly there.

Pastel on Pastelmat paper ~  Ribbons of Light 9 x 12"

Near the end of this painting I thought about adding a boat. But once the tooth of the paper is full, it's nearly impossible to add anything. Plans must be made early, I reckon.

An update on Terry Ludwig's pastels. I originally said I thought that his pastels were non toxic. I ordered a small box of his best loved colours and they did arrive with a warning.

I seem to be very partial to mountains and lakes and the sea, so I do have a few forest scenes in mind. Luckily, someone sent me several pictures that I can paint from.

For those looking for pictures to paint from. Here are two sites that provide free images:

Lately my main computer requires at least three re-boots before it works. My son, Jesse, just built a whole new computer from parts he ordered, (he's obsessed :) and, luckily, he hands down the parts from his old computer to me. He also bought me a new hard drive so I am hoping for great results.

Since Blogger no longer sends email notifications, I exported my email followers to a new feed. For those following by email you will receive notifications of my new posts from Follow.it. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. Thank you for following. I hope all runs smoothly. 

Late to the party, but I just finished setting up a Pinterest account with a few boards. I be pleased if you followed me, and, of course, I will follow back.

 I generally take a July and August blog break. I will be posting on Instagram. I hope to see you there.

Be safe, well, and enjoy the summer, or the winter too!

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Leaving you with a real oldie today. 

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