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19 Apr 2022

You Never Know

Hi everyone,

By the time tulips have reached this stage, it's generally time toss them out. Because of the beautiful colour, I left them until the petals began to drop. 

Snow drifted down last night. I do like a surprise though, and a white world this late in the spring fills that category.  Needless to say, this spring has been a cool one. (You never know there could be snow.)

Yesterday I just had to go to the woods. Since I injured my foot last June, I haven't been going too far. I finished physiotherapy last week, and it still hasn't healed. So, the physiotherapist recommended shockwave therapy even though she said she couldn't endure it. That did make me laugh because, really, what a recommendation! I will ruminate on that one. To me, it doesn't seem wise to shock an injury, although the idea of it is to reduce scar tissue. The other and last option besides a brace I've ordered to wear at night is a cortisone shot.

Below, the tiny green sprouts of the Trout Lilies. When they bloom a wonderful carpet of yellow will fill the undergrowth. Although they are the first flowers that bloom, in the woods, in spring, they can be quite tender. Fingers crossed that the snow is kind to them. 

In May there will be an art exhibition at the mall. Three entries are allowed. I have a few paintings in mind but, besides the one below, I will likely paint two new paintings. I will frame the painting below as soon as my point driver arrives. Not something I've done before, and pastels have to be framed so that the painting doesn't touch the mat or dust may fall on the mat. Spacers are used, but I haven't been able to find any, but I can use acid free foam core. Are you with me lady luck?
                                                  Pastel on Pastel mat paper 8 x 10 inches.

                                          A few new soft pastels from Great American. 

                                             Pastel on pastel mat Approximately 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches

If you've been reading here awhile, you may remember this painting. I kept wanting to add a boat to it, and finally figured out how.

             I am happy to report that my computer problems are all sorted thanks to my son, Jesse. 

Have a lovely day... 'Til next time...

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