August 28, 2018

Icelandic Lace

With the summer winding down, I finally got around to blocking the lava lace scarf designed by Evelyn Clark. The colours remind me of fall, and I think it will look nice with a sweater or a light fleece jacket. The yarn: Handmaiden's Mini Maiden 50% wool, 50% silk. A wonder to knit with. 
Because of the busy colours involved, I ended up ripping out several other patterns that I tried. I do think this pattern, which I have made before, accentuates the lively colours. The beauty of the free pattern, besides being easy to remember, different yarn creates a different look. So versatile.

Two scarfs draped over the form. One for me and one for my sister. 

I am not sure about the blunt edging, but perhaps the weight it creates keeps the scarf from moving around.

In my critically low stash, I found several yards of left over lace weight yarn. I think I have enough to fashion a stripped scarf; one with a definite point. It will be nice to have something new on the needles.

This month I also celebrated a milestone birthday. Where does the time go? Amazing how fast a year flies by, especially, it seems, as you grow older. I did have a wonderful day, and I am pleased that I've made so many trips around the sun. (Talk about travel :) Part of the day included a walk in the woods. Can't imagine life without the woods.

            Although the days are still very hot and humid,  the nights are cooler, so there are a few noticeable changes.

Speaking of the woods, tragically, over 500 wildfires are raging in British Columbia. They are in a state of emergency. I can't imagine how many hectares have burned.  Heavy smoke has reached Calgary and beyond. (more than 500 miles) Praying for rain ... a lot of rain.
We have about 60 wildfires in Ontario.  I hope and pray the brave firefighters are all okay, and that they make more gains, everywhere, very soon.

                              What's left of my birthday bouquet; the lilies are hanging in there                                                              nicely with more blooms to come.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I have responded to each of you there.

'Til next time...Have a lovely week, and

Cultivate your dreams.

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