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28 Sept 2021

Unusual Clouds


Hi everyone,

I saw this beautiful and unusual cloud formation and had to take a picture. If anyone knows what these clouds are called, please let me know in the comments.


Goldenrod and wild grape vines as a backdrop.

         Still blooming outside: Mum, Shamrock, and Hibiscus.

Since it seems to be a popular medium these days, I thought I'd try out Jelly gouache. I do have a few tubes of other brands but I haven't really tried them yet.
To me, gouache seems rather thick and, of course, unlike watercolours it's an opaque medium. I love these colours. 

The brown gouache covered well on black paper. As you can see, the orange gouache didn't cover well on black paper.

A package arrived in the mail for me not long ago.  Among other delightful beautifully wrapped items, I received this wonderful little sketchbook made by my lovely friend, Soma. 

Soma is a multi-talented artist. Besides painting, Soma makes beautiful quilts and tote bags. She designs quilt blocks, carves, and makes these wonderful perfect, professional (and I mean professional) sketchbooks, complete with her own logo design on the back page.
 And, to top it off, she is also an accomplished photographer! 

Check out her beautiful blog and lovely artwork @  Ink Torrents .

I have named it My Little Flower Sketchbook; the first and last page I will book end with a sketch of  old houses from the town that I am from in Nova Scotia. I've been posting a few of the flower sketches over on Instagram and I will post some here at another time.

 In the Wilds ~ Pastel on Uart paper.

'Til Next Time...

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