24 Nov 2020

Keeping Tabs

Hi everyone,

 One of my favourite things to do: keep tabs on the sky.
There always seems to be something engaging, streaming across the sky. 
Streaming? Maybe, technological jargon has gotten the better of me. 

Other than sky watching, I've been planning a little Christmas cheer. 
I enjoy slowly decking the halls, especially with the smell of cookies baking. 

So many homes here are already beautifully decorated. Baubles and lights of every colour peeking out from everywhere do gladden the heart when the sun sets early. Last night the lights looked especially beautiful because fluffy flakes of snow continued to drift down throughout the evening.

* * *

My four year old orchid showing off. I leave it outside until it turns quite cold. Apparently it likes that. It produces even though it has never been repotted; I keep forgetting to order the proper potting mix.  

* * * 

From the drawing board...     

                                      Copic multiliner in cool grey. Various pencils on watercolour paper.

Since I don't have a particularly steady hand, I noticed the  grey marker tricks my mind into thinking I am using a pencil and that helps steady my hand. Give me a black pen and I am all over the place. 

 I do have several full sketchbooks, but a lot of my drawings are on tracing paper. By-passing a sketch book saves a lot of time when transferring to watercolour paper, but the sketches are fading. So I've decided, over time, to transfer the sketches to watercolour paper. I may use a large sketchbook that I have on hand. I might section it off, but I am not sure yet. 

Garden doodles.

I've also been printing stickers for my Christmas card envelopes, using
 a birdie from one of my early watercolour paintings. 
Printed on Avery Stickers #22807.

And, up next,  Holly and Ivy Stickers.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Wishing you well.

'Til Next Time...

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