January 16, 2014

Basket Tales

Tucked into my basket, Misty Alpaca ~ soft as water.  I can't decide what to make with this yarn. But I'm certain that when I ordered it, I had a concrete plan.  Obviously, I should have made a note.
A while ago, I did just that and indecision wasn't a factor when I cast on a lacy head-turner scarf.    But while knitting, I noticed that a few of the slipped stitches looked a little askew. At the halfway mark, (I'm a quick study) it couldn't be ignored. I quickly pressed all the right buttons and crash landed on the Raverly project pages and discovered that a few other projects had that same weepy edge look.  O, dear won't do, I said to the walls as I began to rip with muted satisfaction, boarding on the uber superior notion that I wouldn't settle.

A few days later, armed to the teeth with my needles and a spare, I tried again, then moved on to socks-- tried two different patterns and, you guessed it, another scarf.  Not so dearie o.

Recently, on a stash dig, I happened upon that ball of yarn. As I fondled it, it spoke to me of its charms.  I soon came to my senses; frowned and slipped it into a nearby garbage bag bound for Agape. Last week, in a blinding snow storm, as I threw the bag with the determination of a Javelin thrower, from a distance, into the bin because I couldn't climb the mountain of ice guarding the receptacle, ( I tried, but that's another story ) I felt a twinge of guilt for foisting that ball of yarn off on someone else.

Later, safe from the storm, with my booted feet near the heaters at Tim's, (coffee shop) decked in my wet (redolent) woolens, I imagined (although I wish for visions) sure, nimble fingers skipping that ball of yarn into something miraculous.  And as I munched my muffin and gulped my boiling tea, I decided that perhaps, after all, I had done the right thing.

Warning: to those in the northern hemisphere:  The following photos are for entertainment/daydreaming purposes only. Not intended to overwhelm.

Enjoy the weekend...

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  1. Anonymous2:17 pm

    That was enjoyable and funny!


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