April 24, 2014

Year One ~ Reflections

Celebrator fare:  green tea and French Madelines.

I can't believe it! One year has passed since I started blogging. Although the time has flown by, in the beginning, like most new bloggers, I agonized over every post; but I am glad I took the leap because I've learned a lot and I've met some fabulous folks.

Not that I wasn't looking before, but this year, in particular, I've wandered across so many beautiful blogs that I really enjoy reading. Thank you bloggers!  

Finally, my hat goes off to those bloggers who post informative posts everyday or nearly everyday, with great pictures and content and still care about and find time to stop by to visit the new kids on the block. Long may you run!

Thanks for reading...

April 20, 2014

Water Colours

 While the turkey cooks, I've been having fun with an app called Waterlogue and I couldn't resist sharing a pic.

Enjoy Easter Sunday. I hope it's bright and sunny where you are!

April 19, 2014

A Tribute to Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

As a tribute to Mr. Marquez and the joy and the love of reading that his books have given me, I am re-posting a post that I wrote last May called Spotlight on Marquez.

I remember reading, at the end of The General and His Labyrinth, a paragraph that I interpreted as the likes of such a man would never pass this way again, but, although, at this time, that's fitting, Marquez's words, in that last paragraph, are much more profound: they drift past boundaries and echo.

And so it is with regret and with gratitude that I re-post this post, because for or a short time the world was given the blessing of  Mr. Marquez whose words tumbled golden from the depths of a deep soul.

                                                         My well-thumbed loved copy.
At the time, the price of One Hundred Years of Solitude:  $2.95.

Glorious book jackets.
Several years ago, I bought One Hundred Years of Solitude in a wonderful shop somewhere in the wilds of Jasper National Park, Alberta. At the time, I'm not sure, given the annoyingly small print, my lack of a dictionary, and my grasping inexperience as a reader, what I gleaned from it, but I was vaguely aware that I had found a treasure. And luckily, although somewhat daunted by the novel and with eye strain, I pressed on. As I read, I did, however, find that One Hundred Years of Solitude more than lived up to its back cover promise of surprise. In fact, the book proved as amazing as the elk that sauntered around, on too tall legs, outside my rented cabin--close yet distant, understandable in form yet wildly mysterious.

Márquez's seamless ability to incorporate magic realism into his novels does surprise, delight and astound.  In One Hundred Years of Solitude, there is a focus on ice.  Nothing unusual--sans magic, but try to explain ice to someone who has never seen it. For example how would you explain ice to an individual from Amazonian Lost Tribe?  (And, yes, speaking of amazing things there are still a few tribes out there!) Could you describe ice so that they could understand? And, more importantly, if you put a piece of  ice in the person's hand, how would they react? What would they think?  In that context and in the context the novel, ice moves from the ordinary to the miraculous.

April 15, 2014


Finally, a glorious, warm day with a high south-west wind that roared high above the trees, creating a feeling of absolute freedom.

After such a long siege of cold weather, it's difficult, without checking the temperature, to believe in a warm day-- note the winter jacket, but I did have a sun hat in the car so all was not lost.

Four hawks were soaring above us, covering the territory in ever widening circles, searching for a bite to eat in the marshlands.
                                                                           Gloriously green.

In spite of the frozen brooks and tenacious pockets of snow, the trees are budding. O, spring!

Off the needles... Rav notes and more pics here.

Thanks for reading... Happy Easter! 

April 08, 2014

Hooked on Rugs

In a previous post, I mentioned an antique rug and promised to post a few pictures. This rug is approximately 100 years old and was made from scraps of old clothing, etc. As you can see, the rug has never been finished, nor has it been used so the colours are vibrant. 

A lot of forethought went into this project. I admire the colours they choose [I know where this rug came from] and, to me, it's amazing that they had enough scraps to complete each square to near perfection. (There are a few colour changes and perhaps materials in the non-flowered sections.)

Besides old houses, old rugs, and tin ceilings, I also love canvas floor cloths. Several years ago, I thought about reproducing one, but without a kit I'm sure I'd be lost.

Have a great week!

April 04, 2014

On the Move

I've been moving, but when I take my head out of a box, I've found a little time to knit here and there. And this weekend, after my books are unpacked and put in order, I may reward myself with a marathon viewing of Pride and Prejudice. It's high time!

Two days ago, I saw two robins. Since we are still inundated with snow, I am not sure what they are eating, [poor things] but what a welcome sight!

Enjoy the weekend...

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