June 17, 2014

The State of Things

Since I'm a fan of Downton Abbey, I thought I'd make this Edwardian Kitchen Garden Cake. After reading the recipe, I discovered the cake is salt free and vanilla free. Not the type of recipe that I am used to but I decided to forge ahead.  Missing a springform pan, I used a quiche dish.  
What a moist, tasty cake it turned out to be! As you can see the icing sugar got away from me. (In the scheme of things what's a few hundred extra calories?)

On the needles...

Not a lot of progress because a Diva house guest kept me up for three nights running. And after being here more than a week, she still refuses to shut it down at a decent time. She stands outside the bedroom door and yells and she doesn't care to sleep with anyone and wants what she wants now. 
 And so of  late, even though the pattern is easy, it's been knit five rows and take out six or seven.

  Thankfully Whoo, my morale boosting knitting buddy recently arrived to save the day. You can find one here.

Now without further adieu allow me introduce Diva Sadie, the tortoise shell Tabby cat.

                             Wearing her Kitty caps, Sadie looks self-satisfied and innocent. 
 Caps or no caps the mat is now in shreds, but the lady of the house said, that's okay as long as I am happy. (K, I freely admit it:  I find decorum tedious, but when it suits my fancy, I can be truly loveable...sigh...)
Yo, you..yea you... sup with this tiny stool? This dang place is going to the dogs.


  1. How fun to be reading your blog, scrolling down, and then to see Whoo! That's my hubby's shop! Thank you for the business and the link! I hope you and your knitting buddy will have lots of good times together! Maybe don't introduce Sadie to Whoo! :)

  2. Hi Virginia,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And you are definitely welcome.

    Mr Whoo Owl is adorable and so well made! What a great shop!
    In the interest of safety, I have Whoo tucked away until "Sadie the Terror" goes home; otherwise I'm sure that she would knock the stuffing out of him. :^)

  3. Haaa... I can relate to taking out rows. Brother, story of my life, and now you've made me yearn for Downton Abbey. Too long between seasons. Thank goodness for baseball and summer vacations. Have a lovely summer, Dixie.


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