November 17, 2014


Hummingbird moth wings beat over 30 beats a second. My camera couldn't keep up.
Looking back through my pictures, I happened upon a pic of a hummingbird moth that I took this summer, so I thought I'd share it.  Actually, as luck would have it, I saw two hummingbird moths this year. The other one was white and red.
To get this pic I hung out at this butterfly bush for awhile before the moth arrived, but while I waited,  two monarch butterflies swept in for a few sups.

Missing theses beauties; they provided inspiration for this early coloured pencil drawing.

on the needles...
With snow on the ground and roofs for the second time, (it might stay this time) I decided to  knit something warm:  a cowl from alpaca and I have added mohair for extra warmth. Since alpaca stretches a lot, I'm hoping the mohair will help it retain it's shape. 
Recently, while I was reading, I discovered that mohair is the warmest fiber. Who knew?

Thank you so much for your emails with kind comments about my last post.

Enjoy the week...


  1. Lovely post! If I had ever heard of a hummingbird moth, I did not remember. I had to google it. Now I know that I have probably seen one at some time or another. Thanks!

  2. About 15 years ago, I saw my first hummingbird moth. I was fascinated, surprised, and beyond curious. It was a dull, grey blackish looking creature. After searching the internet..which wasn't what it is today, I finally found out that it was a hummingbird moth. Since that time, I've seen another of the grey variety, and the two beauties this summer.
    You can be sure, if all goes well, next summer I will be lurking about butterfly bushes and the flowering areas hoping for another chance encounter.
    Thank you, Carolyn. I hope you see many more of these wee creatures!


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