January 12, 2015

Worth the Wait

After searching and not finding a recipe I liked, I almost forgot about making these delectable treats. Recently, I searched again and found a recipe that I thought would work.  So I dug out the new pan that I've been hanging onto since August and flung some flour about (I'm not kidding I painted the floor with it) and voila!  Luckily, and somewhat expansively, (let out the pants) these sweet cakes turned out even better than I hoped.

The added bonus: you can whip up the batter and refrigerate it for up to three days. Because Madelines are always best fresh, I baked the the batter I made over a two days.

Madelines ~ O, so tasty!
                                                        Hey, they are small. ☺                                

A bloom to brighten the day!



  1. How about sharing the recipe. I'd love to make these. Yum!

    1. If you Google Madelines Recipe The Joy of Baking, you should could up with a great video and the written recipe.

      And if you are a lemon lover like I am, more lemon rind is required. A few of the recipes I looked at called for 1/2 cup!
      Amazon has great pans, but I am sure you can find a good one in your area.
      Initially, I didn't butter the pans well enough, but did manage to get them out of the pan okay. Apparently, the cook wasn't kidding about that...
      Enjoy, Penny. Let me know how the turn out.

  2. Looks delicious! and the lemon rind looks like a great added touch.

    1. They were definitely tasty! I'm ready to make more. ☺


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