September 22, 2015

Rosetta Mitts Pattern

With the leaves starting to turn and a hint of fall in the air, I decided to finish my Rosetta Mitts pattern. I'll admit that it's been languishing between a thought and a challenge for far too long, but since I'm usually up for a challenge, I am happy to report that the pattern is now on Raverly and best of all it's free!

Neesha Hudson illustrated the pattern for me because, at the time, when the pattern was cloudy at best, I wasn't drawing or painting. Her illustrations are beautiful and I am delighted to incorporate them into the pattern. The pattern encompasses a revival of old stitch patterns because  I felt that they were too beautiful not to re-work and share. (Happily, I've noticed that other knitwear designers are incorporating old stitch patterns into their designs these days, too.)

When I began knitting these mitts, I had been reading about the Rosetta Stone, so with thoughts of deciphering the stone in mind, I thought I'd add a bit of fun, along those lines, to the pattern. I hope you enjoy it!

I think you can pick up a free copy from the link above, but if not please flip me an email using the contact form at the top of the page and I will send one out to you. Although the pattern is free, and there is definitely no obligation, I would be pleased if you would make a small donation to your local food bank, or charity of your choice.

Happy Knitting!

September 08, 2015


A few years ago, I saw a  Goldfinch in the marsh feasting on thistle seeds. That image has stayed with me. And as you can see, I recently finished painting one.  They are such beautiful birds, and they are so much fun to watch in the wild.

I added a wash or two. I think that should do it.

Have a great week...

September 02, 2015

Dog Days of August/ Knitting

I put my files in order so here are a few pictures of the countryside that I wasn't able to post in August.
Because the sky was such a beautiful blue that day, I spent a long time admiring it.
Loosestrife. Invasive but pretty.

Bull thistle.

The path taken.
A few cattails.

In the past, I am sure I've mistaken the pink flower for milkweed, but I believe that it is Sweet Joe-Pye Weed. It certainly does smell sweet!  I love to hear those tall rushes in the background rustle in the wind.

Off the needles... Rosetta Mitts

 I finally finished knitting and writing up my Rosetta Mitts pattern.  They are knit with Classic Elite Yarns Fresco, colourway Rum Raisin; I'd like to knit a pair using Madelintosh yarn, too.  They can be made in three different lengths, but I like my fingerless mitts long. I am looking forward to wearing these mitts later this fall.  I only have the ends to sew in and the  blocking to do. 

I am also happy to say that I kept my commitment to draw everyday for two months. I filled one whole sketch book and part of another.  Several birdies are among those drawings.  I can't wait to start painting them.

 'Til next time....enjoy.
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