January 26, 2016

Sketch in Blue and White

Because I love blue, I decided to expand my horizons and sketch in blue with white accents, although in these pictures, taken without a flash on this overcast day, the white area looks more like cream. I do, however, realize that sketching with a blue Micron pen might plunge me into the danger zone. Why? Because I may never change colours again. Seriously, though, it is fun.

I also fancy blue and white porcelain, but, unfortunately, I do not own any. In the spring, when the flea markets open, I will look for a few pieces. At one point, though, I did own a blue and white vase for growing crocuses. Unfortunately, it got lost in a move. Blue windmills swept around the vase. It was lovely. Who knows maybe one of these days I may draw a few old blue windmills too.
'Til next time. Enjoy the week...

January 13, 2016

Favourite Things

So far the winter has been mild and with the light increasing each day my thoughts, as they usually do this time of year, turn to flowers, seeds and all that grows and, of course, all that chirps too.
In the city last week, I noticed some tulips and I couldn't resist buying them. Besides, they make great reference material for drawing.

 O, yes, and a few pink carnations.  I tend to overlook these beauties, however, they are pretty and they last a long time.

I've been drawing Amaryllis flowers and using dividers to measure them.  To me, they are even larger than they look!

A Jacamar
He probably looks familiar because last time you saw his head, but the second time around I've changed things a little.
Jarcmars live in South and Central America. Sometimes, if the mood strikes, they will  fly up to Mexico. 
The birdie in the photo is not quite as colourful as it really is. 

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the week! 

January 05, 2016

Pretty to Look At

On Sunday, after almost a full day spent painting, I decided it was time for a treat.
These French macarons look so good, no? Wished I could say, yes. They are a too sweet for me but, my, they are pretty.  I do, however, love French butter cakes or Madeleines and even though I made some for Christmas, to appease the sweet tooth, I reckon I will whip up another batch.

Taken last summer. The fan was a gift that I received a couple of years ago from you know who. Thanks again.  I've always wanted one.

 Next week my red Amaryllis will bloom, I hope.

A sample of what's on my desk. He's not quite they way I wanted him, so I have another one on the board, waiting for his watercolour bird bath.
* * *

I was happy to watch the first episode of the last series of Downton Abbey.  I've heard that Mr. Fellowes is considering making a Downton movie for television. I hope he does! 
In case you don't know, he's also writing another historical drama named Belgravia. It begins in April, but apparently it will be on an app., weekly with eleven enhanced episodes. You can either read or listen. Sounds neat.

'Til Next Time...
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