March 29, 2016

Watercolour Print Giveaway

You may remember that I wrote awhile ago about opening an online shoppe. It has taken awhile because we do not have a printer in town who prints artwork, so I've been working with an out-of-town printer. At this point, I am pleased to say I now have a few prints on hand. Of course, there are other details to be worked out, but things are slowly coming together. (In the beginning, I'll have the two prints for sale.)

In the meantime, I am delighted to offer one of my prints (6 x 8 inches)  in this giveaway.

To enter, please leave a comment below with which print you would like to receive should you be the  winner (If you are following via a reader or email, or do not have a blog, or I don't know how to contact you, please leave your contact information.) 

 On April 12th, your names will be tossed into the hat, and the winner will be drawn by my son, Jesse.

Best of Luck!
Marsh Wren 

 ( The prints are printed on 100% cotton rag paper. They are archival and acid free.)
The Ahoy birdie sports a maritime signal flag in his sailor hat. In case you do not know, ( I didn't know when I was thinking about the painting,) the flag means "I wish to communicate with you."

The winner's print will be mailed in a cardboard envelope bearing a clear do not bend sign. For extra protection, your print will also be placed between two pieces of chipboard, inside an acid free sleeve. It will be signed on the front by me. All reproduction rights, of course, remain with me.
Thank you to my lovely readers via all channels!

Enjoy the week...

March 24, 2016

Dapper Dan/Trillium/Happy Easter

 Outside just now--howling wind and driving snow, but still it won't be long before warmer weather arrives, although March appears to have plans to go out like a lion too.

Dapper Dan will soon be on my painting board.

 A trillium. It takes awhile to build up the colour.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

March 15, 2016

Watercolour ~ Rose Hips

 I recently picked these rose hips along the road side. It was a blustery day and I didn't have anything to cut them with, but, thankfully, after a lot of tugging they came free. Obviously, they survived the winter under a warm blanket of snow.
 When I was finally ready to paint, the rose hips had lost what was left of the round plump look, but I like to have a real plant for reference.
As you can see, as the light changes in a room so does the colour and shadow areas of whatever plant that you might be using as a guide. I thought about adding a grey shadow underneath the rose hips but decided to leave it. However, it would add a touch of realism.

Because I used heavy paper, which is difficult to cut, I didn't have the nerve to try and deckle the top edge so I left it.

Next: a Trillium. I'd like to paint a few more cards for Easter...a daffodil and a rose?  Perhaps. I haven't quite decided yet.

Thanks for reading along...Enjoy the week.

March 02, 2016

Like A Lion

A little blurry...the wind had plans.

What happened to Tuesday?  If you are new here, I generally post on Tuesday and it slipped away from me this week, so for today it's Tuesday's post on Wednesday.

March roared in like a lion.  Last night the windows rattled and freezing rain splattered against the glass in a fury, keeping me awake but still I felt grateful to be tucked into my nice warm bed. If the old wives tales be true, then March will exit softly on little lambs feet. I'm looking forward to it.

After shopping in a few fabric stores, I finally found some ribbon. It's not exactly what I had in mind,  although it does work airy and pretty.
# 3 in my Staying Alive Series. An Eastern Meadowlark and Eastern Flowering Dogwood.  I hope to paint this picture sometime soon. 
Meadowlarks like cover so they hop about in the tall grass but seek out a high point for  singing. It's a wonderful welcome to spring song.

For those in the north country, soon there will be "pussy willows and cattails" (from a Gordon Lightfoot song) and bird song. 

'Til Next time...Enjoy!

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