June 28, 2016

Progress on The Pretty Pair, etc.

It's been awhile since I've been here. I have been out and about (see instagram for pics), but I've also been inside more than I like to be. However, I didn't want to let June slip away without posting.
This month, I did finish a few projects and started others. It's always fun to have multiple items on the go.

I sketched these two in May but started to paint them yesterday.
Since I am using pastel colours, I will paint her nest a light colour as well. I hope it all blends.

 It's always a bit scary to use new paper without practicing first. However, this time I threw caution to the winds and gave it a whorl. Glazes and washes lay differently on different types of paper, so I may redo it, but so far I am pleased with how the slow build up looks, although I can tell which bird I started with because of how the wash looks. There's a definite learning curve. There's also a little blurb on the male's belly. I think I can remove it. I was painting away and a spider appeared out of nowhere and ran across the page!!! 

The Paper: Canson 100% cotton Moulin du Roy 140lb. It's hot press and very smooth. Because the paint dries fast, you have to be quick.
Finished painting my blog assistant in June. She's on the sidebar without her spotlight. One of these days, I hope to paint a Welcome sign.

I also started a new Nature Journal and cast on The Rustling Leaves Beret. I am pleased that my hands are co-operating. ♥ A few rows here and there do add up.

Earlier this month, I watched the wee warblers in the marsh...so sweet. A Common Yellow Throat with his black eye patch and an American Yellow Warbler.  Hopefully, the paper will take a light wash. I am thinking of using watercolour pencils.


Love peonies! They have helped to brighten up the days. I haven't been well, but I am on the mend and feeling better each day; I should be back to my routine soon. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful June!

'Til next time...Enjoy...


  1. Your throwing caution to the wind has worked a treat. Those birds are so pretty. What a lovely colour your Rustling Leaves Beret is. I love Peonies too...yours are pretty....love the purple one.

  2. I love your blog assistant! And your peonies are beautiful. The birds are so pretty, can't wait to see the nest too. Sorry you've not been well. Hope sunnier days are in your future.

  3. What a wonderful assortment of photos, Dixie! Your blog assistant looks fabulous! The birds look beautiful. Looks like the new paper worked very well for you. Sorry about the spider. Poor thing had no idea that it was walking on a piece of art in the making. You art journal looks amazing. I hope the peonies are brightening your days, specially since you are not feeling well.

    -Soma xx

  4. Pretty flowers! Your artwork is quite nice, too.


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