October 11, 2016

Water Lilies ~ Time Slip

October 11, 2016
Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada. So if you are in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

My the seasons have moved fast this year. So fast that I feel like I'm in a time slip.  Spring, although late, (it always seems late ;) and summer...so lovely.  And now slipping through the cracks: autumn: a blast of gorgeousness and refined beauty. What luck, this year, to have such wonderful seasons.
Clearly, I haven't mention winter. It, of course, it's not without beauty, but since I lived in the Arctic for many years, with winter arriving in October and leaving the end of June, or later, I do so appreciate spring, summer, and fall. And I wish, each year, that they could linger just a little longer.

White Water Lily

If I could capture the reflected light, I'd love to paint these lilies. Oil paints would work, but I  don't own any oils, nor do I know much about them. ( Monet comes to mind. He could make a painting sing.)

 Yellow pond lilies.
What a wonderful pattern on the water and O that reflected light.

Going to seed in a beautiful way...

It's always a treat to see something you haven't seen before. What an unusual colour.
Red squirrel.
A cooperative leopard frog.


Would a smaller pumpkin work? Perhaps I just need a larger doily.

On the Needles:

The Flora Cowl with about 29 inches/73.66 cm to go.
. . .
I'm off to enjoy a cup of Matcha.

'Til next time...do have a lovely week!


  1. Lovely photos! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. Thanks Carolyn.
      O, yes for sure. I am out there enjoying fall as much as I can!

  2. Beautiful autumnal photos and I love your cowl. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I tried to reply by email but it keeps bouncing back and says your email address doesn't exist. I thought I'd let you know in case it's happening to other people emailing you too, Janine :)

  3. Such beautiful photos of the world around you, Dixie! You captured the softness in “Going to seed” photo beautifully. I love spotting fungi. So many colours and patterns, all so pretty, as are your woodland friends. However did you find a pumpkin with such a beautiful stem? You chose a lovely colour for your cowl. The lily photos are gorgeous. They will definitely make for wonderful oil painting. I found “cheat” oil paint. Let me know if you are interested, I will share over email. This comment has already turned into a novella :)

    Enjoy the Matcha,

  4. Water lilies are quite amazing little things and so pretty. I find the 'past prime' flowers interesting and lovely, too. Your other shots are really great.


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