November 08, 2016


November 8, 2016
We had a heavy, feathery snow fall last week, but as you can see it disappeared and I am still kicking through the leaves on the trails. On this trail, there are bird feeders every so many feet. I was dropping seeds into one when when I heard the tiniest of peeps. After scanning the trees, I spied a wee chickadee. Clearly excited she swooped down several times to investigate, but wouldn't stay long enough to grab a seed. She did, however, check the ground just in case I may have dropped one. Nope not one! Then she flew up to branch at eye level and looked me in the eye. After that she flew across the path to a tree where she teetered on the limb and continued to crisscross the path from tree to tree, making, as she flew, a great flourish of it. When she reached the bottom of the hill, she chirped loudly and watched me ascend. Once I was safely at the bottom, a black and white blur whirled by overhead. I turned and looked up the hill;  I could faintly see her feasting at the feeder. Well done birdie!


I'm drawn to moss. It's always looks so fresh and green.

 I'm gathering the sketchbooks.  I think there must be one or two somewhere with bits and bobs inside. I like smooth paper, so if it isn't smooth enough I turn it into a journal. I do draw in the margins though.

As you can see, my sketchbooks are not watercolour friendly.
Calendar dreaming...maybe next year.
I find it difficult to use black ink. I prefer blue.
On the needles..

The Violet Cap: a lacy hat from the 1st issue of Making Magazine.

For those who asked, unfortunately The Maestro will not be made into a print at this time because it's too large for my scanner. It needs to be scanned in parts and photo shopped...above my capabilities just now. I could have the printer scan it but it costs a lot. So very sorry.

Thank you for reading along.

 Enjoy the week...


  1. The chickadee story is so sweet. I am very glad that you are still getting to enjoy a bit of fall colours regardless of the snow. I love moss too...and lichen! Your little drawings are wonderful. I looked through them multiple times. Great start to a lovely knit. Thank you for the lovely post, Dixie! It made me smile :)


  2. I've never seem a chickadee but it sounds like a very sweet, shy little bird. Your photos and drawing are a delight :)

  3. We had to stop feeding the birds via our feeder due to mice. (they were coming into our garage) Grrr! I especially miss the Chickadees. We've had them feed from our hand. You gotta try it sometime, Dixie -- what a treat. What variety to you see? We get the Blackcap and Chestnut. Enjoy seeing your paintings in progress. :)


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