December 04, 2016

Wandering Camera for December

"These boots are made for walking."
A new post this time for Soma's Wandering Camera link party. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

As you can see the land has faded to monochrome, but it's still pretty out there.  About 20cm of  feather snow fell in November, but to everyone's amazement it has disappeared. You can find the pics on Instagram.
Tops of the rushes faded to beige.

These birches remind me of a giraffe.
Texture and sky striations.
Refuge for a Marsh Wren.

The chickadees love my son, Jesse.

A Nuthatch checks the ground for seeds.

                                                               Dusk creeps about the woods.
Darkness arrives so fast now...almost dark at 4:19 p.m.

Off the drawing board:
 My Christmas Card. The prints haven't arrived yet, so perhaps they will be for next year.
 Arrived on the wing: Resplendent Quetzal Glicee prints.
Nonsensical doodles. My sister, Lorraine, runs from snakes. Maybe I should warn her, ;) but this wee guy looks friendly.

'Til next time...Enjoy...


  1. What a pretty series of photos. Even in colder weather, there's beauty to be found. You took some great shots and your son looks like he's having a great time feeding the little bird :)

  2. Lovely photos - and your boots look perfect.

  3. Gorgeous photos, always your water colours are sublime. Love the photo of the chickadee sitting on your son's hand.

  4. Beautiful photos, Dixie! Though I am not a fan of winter, you show that there can be a simple joy in the great outdoors in December!

  5. Wow, love the birch shot and your Christmas card is gorgeous!

  6. Interesting, the blackcap chickadees will not feed from our hand, just the chestnut. Your son must love feeding them. "Your" birds just keep getting better. Very cool card. You are inspiring -- seriously.

  7. You have captured the essence of winter so beautifully in the photos. I couldn’t pick a favourite, love them all! You are all set with those lovely boots and your day bag. The chickadees really seem to love you son. He must be a very calm person. Your drawing board is far from monochromatic winter outside, Dixie. I am right there with your sister Lorraine when it come to snakes :)

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!


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