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13 Dec 2022

Year in Review


Hi Everyone,
 Another year almost at a end, so I thought I'd do a bit of a recap. 
Autumn flew by, and I missed posting a few pictures of the beauty. So I will include a pic or two later on, along with  a few other photos from the year.

Murmuration ~ Taken in November in Nova Scotia.

Right place, right time for this video. While not the largest flock of birds, I was happy to see them. Their graceful movements remind me of  a ballet. 

Love ferns

The Golden Hour

 I'd like to paint a version of this photo. 

Canada's first railway. It runs 1/2 kilometer from the waterfront in Brockville and then under the town. It was build in 1860. A fun place to visit with the new light show and unexpected sounds really spark the senses. 

* * *

A few art examples from 2022.

Looking back, can be a good thing. I got a lot more accomplished on the art front than I thought. 
And in the process, I learned a lot. The fun and good thing about painting is there's always more to learn. And I find people are generous with their knowledge. 
I enjoyed experimenting and learning about Cyanotypes/blueprints this summer as well. More sun prints planned for the upcoming sunny months.

Watercolour/Micron Pen

Pastel Sunflowers

The Flower Girl in Pastel. 

                                                       Mocks Ups ~  Evening Glow in Pastel

Lone Pine ~ Pastel 

Watercolour ~ Mistletoe on a bit of left over paper.
The pink bow sparkles, but I can't get the camera to pick it up.

                                            Thank you for your visits this year and for your lovely                                                                                     comments.

                           Wishing you  all a very Merry Christmas! Have safe and happy holidays. 

                                                              See you in the New Year.

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                                                           Thanks to all for hosting.  


  1. There is much beauty to see, Dixie, each time I visit your lovely place. Your year has been filled with beauty, both in the glorious landscapes in which you live and the artwork you create. May your Christmas be overflowing with love and joy; and special times as you celebrate the festive season with your loved ones. See you next year. =)

  2. Lovely artwork! That train tunnel is fun. We loved visiting it.

  3. Lovely photos, but the video of the murmuration is something I've never seen and hope to one day!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/12/a-continuation-from-last-weeks-post.html

  4. I love these kind of reviews and your images are gorgeous!
    And it's lovely that your knowledge is higher at the end of this year.
    You must be proud. For me, the subject "cyanotype / blueprints" is new. I'll explore it.
    I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Enjoy this period together with the family and friends! 😘❤️

  5. Spectacular autumn foliage in your area. I also love your glass? deer.

  6. Love the amazing fall foliage in your corner of the world.

    Happy Thursday!

  7. Lovely Autumn photos <3

  8. This is truely a lovely post. You are right that video is perfect. The golden hour too my breath away it's so beautiful. I love seeing your art too. Have a very nice day today.

  9. There are so many wonderful photos in this post. It is time for starting to look back, isn't it?Boy this year flew. Happy rest of your week. Hugs-Erika

  10. Lovely retrospective of your 2022 art! And what a very cool murmuration video!

  11. ..."Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give" is spot on.

  12. Your paintings and photos: a delightful treat
    Have a good weekend


  13. All very lovely. That face is fabulous and I thank you for joining Friday Face OFF. Have a wonderful day. I have had a request to show how to put a face on a bottle. I will do a step by step next week.

  14. you have some lovely art there, I like the mistletoe.

  15. I think this is my first visit with you and I am so happy to have this moment. Your artwork is delightful and yes, I agree there is always something new to learn in art, but I would say that you have learned a lot over the years. I love your bird video. I have run across several of the flocks in action, but was never able to get my camera up and running in time to capture the fleeting beauty. Lovely post, Dixie. I hope we see more of you at TAD.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  16. These are gorgeous photos and paintings, Dixie! And the flock of birds had me immediately!
    Best wishes from Austria,

  17. You paint so well and your watercolor mistletoe is wonderful. But that face steals the show. Lovely indeed.

  18. A lovely post to recap the year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  19. Such a lovely recap, Dixie! I enjoyed the murmuration in Nova Scotia, my native province. Your mistletoe painting is delicate and beautiful. I really like your Christmas centerpiece with the glass reindeer. Simply elegant! Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs to you!

  20. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas time
    and all the best for 2023, Traude

  21. Have a fantastic 2023 :D I wish you all the best

  22. I enjoyed your recap of the year.
    Such beautiful photos, Dixie!

  23. Hi Dixie! What a nice recap of 2022. Your watercolors are really beautiful! ♥

  24. I love checking out your year in review, Dixie. Especially the art and some of your beautiful photos. Onward!


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