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August 05, 2015

Nature Studies

Drawing recently from nature, Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot. To me, it's not your average weed. It's intricate and delicate and before it blooms it's wrapped in a wondrous package.
I found wild coneflower, or echinacea too.

To answer a request, I'm including a list of the art supplies I use and a few tips that I've learned.

Staedtler pencils. 2H-6H, (H for hard) but I prefer the 2H, although, occasionally, I use soft leads or B pencils, especially 2B.
FW acrylic inks.
Kneaded Erasers and plastic erasers.
Tracing paper ~ a must, unless you draw straight onto your watercolour paper.
Sketchbooks ~ look for good quality paper.

After researching watercolour paper and trying several different brands, I prefer hot pressed paper for painting.  Fabriano Artistico and Arches are acid free and 100% cotton. I use140 lb weight. (The higher the weight the thicker the paper.) I prefer Fabriano, but I am getting use to Arches. It requires a light hand, but can take several glazes.
I use watercolour blocks that are glued on all four sides; the paper doesn't require stretching.  (There's a small hole at the top of the block, you insert a thin knife and go around the block to remove the sheet from the block when your painting is completely dry.) I also buy large single sheets. It's cheaper that way, but the paper requires stretching or it will buckle and it takes time to cut the sheets into the sizes you want. ( A scary breath holding activity!)

I occasionally use Strathmore Watercolour cards; they are cold pressed ~ not as smooth as hot pressed paper.

Watercolour paints. I mostly use Schmincke and W& N. Windsor and Newton is bright and clear.  Schmincke can look chalky sometimes and I  do like Sennelier paints as well.  I also have a set of Derwent watercolour pencils that I received as a gift. In the beginning, I was using the watercolour pencils to paint with.  Around here, they are cheaper if you buy them individually.

* If you are just starting out, I would recommend that you buy good quality watercolour paper, a few tubes or pans of professional watercolour paint/or good quality watercolour pencils. They do make a huge difference! A (sable or faux sable) #4 watercolour brush is, in my opinion, a must. They are expensive, but should last a very long time if treated well. Never use it to mix paint with. (A tall order--one sometimes forgets.)  And you will annihilate it if you use it to apply FW inks.

Interesting optional items: Masking fluid and Gum Arabic.
Masking fluid is used to cover small stamens etc, that you will paint later, or any area that you want to keep white while you are painting. When it is completely dry, you rub your fingers over it to remove it.

Gum Arabic extends the drying time of paint, adds vibrancy, and is also used to add shine to eyes, reflections etc.

In the end, it's all about personal preferences, so experiment, have fun in the process and you will  find out what works for you.

  Until next time enjoy creating...

August 22, 2013

Contradiction in Blue

Blue is considered a cool colour, but add a touch yellow or grey and it morphs warm. What a contradiction!

I think my preference for blue resides in my genes. My mother is a fan, and so was my grandmother. My mother told me that my grandmother once said, "A Patch of Blue For a Gown of Blue." I've never forgotten that phrase because it's unique and poetical. Besides, the phrase, A Patch of Blue has a nice ring to it. It could be the title of short story, or a fitting name for a store, so no pinching, please.☺

Cool or warm? I have no preference. I love every shade of blue, although over the years I've tried to fight it. Why? Because, for me, it's a predictable choice and I don't want to be hidebound, so a couple of years ago I did something radical: I decorated the bathroom in purple--purple shower curtain, mats, and accessories. For all you purple lovers out there, I have nothing against purple. Really, the only thing wrong with purple is that it isn't blue. Needless to say, I hated that bathroom. The moral: don't go against your grain, or as written by the world's greatest bard "to thy own self be true." True blue that is.

Unfortunately, I don't own a blue car. My furniture isn't blue, but there's blue it in. My hair isn't blue, but I know that's chic and there's a large chance that it might look smashing. Yes, I've sighed heavily over these over sights, but the good news is things can and do change, so Ra Ra to a future draped in blue!

"There's no blue without yellow or orange." Vincent Van Gogh  You don't say!

♦  Yarn ~ Malabrigo colour Impressionist Sky. The create clip by Kelly Rae Roberts. The uber sweet card by Nina Chen waits to be filled out.

 ♦ The wee tool--a stitch picker upper; it saved me when I was knitting my Rock Island Shawl.

♦ Enjoy the song and the weekend!

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