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June 01, 2017

First There Was a Robin and then . . .

Hi there,

Since I generally post on Tuesday, I can't believe it's not Tuesday.  It came and went without me, but, hey, thinking it's Tuesday must mean something. :) Moving on . . . to Spring! We've had it all weather wise. It's been very hot and it's also been unseasonably cold with a lot of rain. Perfect weather, it seems, for a beautiful spring.

Always on the outlook for whatever nature puts on display, I was lucky to happen upon a mother robin and her nest. I haven't seen robins' eggs since I was child. And what can you really say about robin's egg blue? It's the prettiest colour.

Not on her watch. Alert and on guard. I didn't want to upset her too much so I've waited awhile and then made a fast trip in to see her babies.

Two fat chicks, tucked in a warm nest and growing like weeds with the help of a package of mealy bugs and two hard working, diligent parents. Robins never use a nest twice. And these parents could raise two more families this year. Lined with mud (how many trips does it take?) and once that's dry, last year's dry grasses up the snuggle effect. The papa bird brings materials, but the female builds the nest. She's a wonderful artist. The grasses are spread out on the sides and the bottom with a real flare.

Flora ...
 Hostas. Wish they were mine.
Pretty in pink.  A Hawthorn tree.

Solomon's Seal

Once again, lovely ferns on the grow. So fresh and green. I can't help it, I am crazy about them.

The wetlands are actually wet this year. Drained for three years to kill off the cattails, it's, once again, brimming with water. The tadpoles are jumping and the frogs are loving it. What a chorus! 

 * * *
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Turtles."

Art for art's sake...

A mock up of violets. Very soon there will be an art show at the mall. I'd like enter two paintings, so I better get back to the painting board.

And finally, this lucky marsh wren was chosen for the spring show and flew off to the local gallery. 

I hope you are all enjoying spring, or if you are down under a wonderful fall.

Thank you so much for visiting. . .hope to see you on Instagram too. Let me know if you are there.

Enjoy . . .

April 29, 2017

Now that we know better...

For me, it's time to speak up.  Today, I stand up and protest in blog land, not only for climate change but also against racism and for women's rights.  If you do not wish to read what I have to say, that's okay and it's probably better that you skip out now.

Because my blog is also a diary, I definitely do not want my descendants or any other people in the world thinking, especially on the day of the Climate Change March that I approve of the destruction of the planet.

As most of you know, I live on the North American continent, and that makes me an American, although perhaps for delineation purposes a Canadian American. I am also a citizen of the world and, therefore, I do NOT support the pipeline. I do NOT support the Canadian or American portions of the pipeline.  I do NOT support the Canadian tar sands project. I do NOT support drilling in the Arctic. And I do NOT support widespread destruction of the earth by any means, on any continent, at anytime!

And, further, I do NOT support the rampant overthrow of environmental protection laws instituted by President Obama, allowing oil companies to frack along the Eastern seaboard, and on the Western seaboard namely along the California coast, nor do I support fracking in National Parks.
(While the news feeds us a diet of acerbic wolf cries from the new president, many environmental laws are being changed and passed behind our backs that will wreak havoc on the world's climate.) I also do NOT support any racist laws. Or the robbing of the poor to give to the rich. I mean really! Reinstate meals on wheels. And the lunch programs for children. 

However, I do believe that now that we know better, it's time to do better

We have the technology to go green. It can and will create jobs. I have seen the brilliance of young inventors: for example a young woman invented a sidewalk that produces power--every step you take creates energy. And there's a plan to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by 2020. (A worldwide ban on dumping garbage in our oceans would also be a clever move.) Thankfully, the list of brilliant minds and innovative thinkers that want to protect the earth and also enhance living standards for all the earth's people goes on and on.

There are, of course, green regions.  Eco watch rates the top ten greenest countries. Nine of those countries are in Europe.  For your reading pleasure, here's the link.

Venice has also taken steps to stem the tide.  They have build a Mose Flood Barrier, costing billions of dollars. But if we continue with our heads in the sand, will it be enough to protect this historical marvel? And what about the people in poorer nations who are as I type facing rising waters? One wonders what, if any, world wide emergency plans are in place.

Unfortunately climate change threatens. The oceans are rising and we cannot continue the inane argument about whether climate change is cyclical or man made. Either way, it's time to do what we can to stop it. Why? Because its the right thing to do. If it doesn't work, we can at least say that we did all we could to protect the earth, it's people and the plants and animals that depend on the earth for survival.

If these two could speak, I am sure a they would say climate change is real too.

These bears could use man made ice platforms. I don't know if that's even possible, but without ice they can not hunt. Last year, I heard about polar bears swimming in open water without, sadly, the possibility of ever reaching shore. For bears, the emergency is now.

Finally, as Jane Goodall keeps saying, "There's still a lot left worth fighting for."  It's sad that we have to fight for what's morally decent and right, but since our lives and the lives of future generations depend upon it, it's urgently imperative that we do.

Stand up, speak up! Do all you can!

December 09, 2014

Still Green

Although I thought the snow was here to stay it disappeared. Great. Why? Because if the snow stays on the ground late in December, spring generally comes early. Predictive? No.  Just an observation, but I've been wrong before. Time will tell. 

I finally toured this old house. It looks bleak/spooky with the black roof and front door.  If you look closely, you will notice a rocking chair in the upstairs window, which adds another layer of spookiness to the place. But the only spooky thing I found in the house was a well in the middle of the kitchen floor. (That's enough, I reckon.) In the late 1800's, I'm sure, an inside well was convenient because no one ( generally the lady of the house) had to brave the elements to haul water from the well, but I couldn't help but think how dangerous a convenience it must have been, especially with a house full of curious children.

My Christmas preparations are coming along. I have a few items out, but only a few and they all seem to be green..
I'm searching for a container for my frosty fern.
Never one to frequent Boxing Day sales, last year I finally went shopping and bought  this cute linen tea towel for a song.
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