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July 19, 2016

Yellow Mitts, a Sketch, and a New Project

July 19, 2016

You may remember these mitts from a previous post. I had put these mitts away with only a thumb left to finish. Being mostly a blue colour fancier, they are the only yellow item of clothing I own.  I think they will look nice this fall with my brown coat. But I am not rushing the seasons. Originally these  Rosetta Mitts were knit, by me, in red. Since I love beautiful old stitch patterns, I felt compelled to bring these ones back to life.  If you haven't picked up a copy of my pattern yet, you can find the free pattern here.

From the Sketchbook...

 Unfortunately, my new sketchbook doesn't take water colour very well. I am still searching for an 
8 x 8 inch sketchbook since I prefer that size and one that can take a bit of water colour and ink. In the meantime, and although it goes against my grain, I've sent for a larger one that may work.

Who is she? Since I never met my paternal grandmother, Chrissie, and there only seems to be one extant picture of her in poor condition, I've sketched this in young Chrissie's honour.  
Although I was small when the road that we lived on was widened, I remember feeling my father's sorrow because his mother's flower garden had to go. I know that she loved flowers. 
On the needles...

A small lace scarf I started sometime ago. I's not blue either.  It's difficult for me to knit with other colours because I really do want to knit everything in blue!  
It's another old stitch pattern and so easy to remember. It's called the Lava Lace Scarf.  Evelyn Clark is the designer. It's also a free pattern which you can find here.


The Making Magazine arrived today. I first saw it on Instagram, so I ordered a copy. As you can see, I am about to sit down with my tea and read it. I skimmed the pages and it looks wonderful! I am in no way affiliated with it, but thought I'd share because it's new and you may not have heard about it.  Here's the link.

'Til next time...Have a wonderful week...

May 24, 2016

Drawing From Nature

May 24, 2016

A new to me wildflower. I think it's Bellwort.

What a wonderful weekend. Needless to say I was out and about admiring all the new growth.  Just  look at those greens! I recently read that nature walks are one of the best things to do for your health.  Apparently being out in nature decreases stress and is instrumental for sound mental health and overall well-being. I wanted to say: really? I mean really! To me that is self evident. (Although I have met people who absolutely detest leaving the sanctity of their homes and gardens and they are well and happy souls.) Speaking of gardens, they are another refuge...a sanctuary in the midst of it all.  It must boil down to what ever makes your heart sing. For me, that can be nurturing a house plant too, but I do love to take a walk in the woods. It renews and invigorates and, for me, is absolutely essential.

* * *
Last year on a walk through the marsh I met a grandfather (?) with a teenage girl who was boo hooing profusely about the bugs, (where where they?) the heat ( it was hot) and on and on it went. Secretly, I send her a message of good will, hoping that if she calmed down enough she might notice something to appreciate...something to pique her sense of curiosity and wonder.  Of course, I also wanted to say crease and desist, but I thought, as the fussing increased long after I should have been out of ear shot, that just might take a village.  ;)

Wild geranium
 A fungus surrounded by Solomon's Seal


Now and then I randomly decorate a few of my shoppe order envelopes.
Walking Fern. Difficult to tell which end is which. They creep along the ground.
I hope to paint these two soon.

Lately my ipad often refuses to let me leave a message on your blogs, and sometimes it's difficult to tell, especially if you have comment moderation on.  So if you haven't heard from me in awhile it's not because I haven't been trying. (I've used my other computer recently.)  What's surprising is that it doesn't seem have much of a problem if I try and post a comment on WordPress...what's up with that?  

 Enjoy the week...

September 02, 2015

Dog Days of August/ Knitting

I put my files in order so here are a few pictures of the countryside that I wasn't able to post in August.
Because the sky was such a beautiful blue that day, I spent a long time admiring it.
Loosestrife. Invasive but pretty.

Bull thistle.

The path taken.
A few cattails.

In the past, I am sure I've mistaken the pink flower for milkweed, but I believe that it is Sweet Joe-Pye Weed. It certainly does smell sweet!  I love to hear those tall rushes in the background rustle in the wind.

Off the needles... Rosetta Mitts

 I finally finished knitting and writing up my Rosetta Mitts pattern.  They are knit with Classic Elite Yarns Fresco, colourway Rum Raisin; I'd like to knit a pair using Madelintosh yarn, too.  They can be made in three different lengths, but I like my fingerless mitts long. I am looking forward to wearing these mitts later this fall.  I only have the ends to sew in and the  blocking to do. 

I am also happy to say that I kept my commitment to draw everyday for two months. I filled one whole sketch book and part of another.  Several birdies are among those drawings.  I can't wait to start painting them.

 'Til next time....enjoy.
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