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March 21, 2017

Hello Spring

Hi there,

Yesterday was the first day of spring. And late last week three feet of snow fell; it will be awhile before we see blossoms like these, but, hey, a girl can dream. The good news: each day brings with it twelve hours of daylight.

A snowy white world.
Recently, I was hanging out at a bird feeder, but most of the birds were too fast for me and my camera. Since I can't take pictures with gloves on, my hands were freezing but I enjoyed watching my feathered friends.
The robins have arrived and they look bewildered because of the snow. I saw two pecking at old berries. If the temps stay above zero, hopefully the snow will melt soon and they can get to the business of feeding on succulent worms. In the meantime, they could use some help. As far as I know they will eat raisins, apple slices, berries and the pet stores should have meal worms for sale.

A Starling tries to get a big mouthful of seeds. Obviously, he thinks he can snip the wires with his beak, or maybe he's just angry because he's hungry.

I emailed a few photos and a photo of a painting off to Vistaprint to have stickers and this calendar made. Not quite the calendar I had in mind, but it will do for this year. In case you are thinking of getting stickers ( not shown) made from photos, the high gloss are very nice.

WIP ~ A Botanical Blue
The mess on the desk. Yes, I've been drawing aliens too. Meet Srinda and Zelgog.
Apparently radio signals have been coming in from a certain area in the Milky Way. Speculation is rife. So far I've heard it may be from a neutron star (Hence the star in my cartoon drawing), stellar bursts, etc. etc. Further speculation:  the signals may be from a planet in the Goldilocks zone ( not too hot, or to cold).  All that info made my head hurt and drove me to doodle aliens. :^)

"Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems."-Rainer Maria Rilke

And . . . from yours truly.

Cultivate a dream.
Thanks for reading along.  Have a lovely week . . .

November 08, 2016


November 8, 2016
We had a heavy, feathery snow fall last week, but as you can see it disappeared and I am still kicking through the leaves on the trails. On this trail, there are bird feeders every so many feet. I was dropping seeds into one when when I heard the tiniest of peeps. After scanning the trees, I spied a wee chickadee. Clearly excited she swooped down several times to investigate, but wouldn't stay long enough to grab a seed. She did, however, check the ground just in case I may have dropped one. Nope not one! Then she flew up to branch at eye level and looked me in the eye. After that she flew across the path to a tree where she teetered on the limb and continued to crisscross the path from tree to tree, making, as she flew, a great flourish of it. When she reached the bottom of the hill, she chirped loudly and watched me ascend. Once I was safely at the bottom, a black and white blur whirled by overhead. I turned and looked up the hill;  I could faintly see her feasting at the feeder. Well done birdie!


I'm drawn to moss. It's always looks so fresh and green.

 I'm gathering the sketchbooks.  I think there must be one or two somewhere with bits and bobs inside. I like smooth paper, so if it isn't smooth enough I turn it into a journal. I do draw in the margins though.

As you can see, my sketchbooks are not watercolour friendly.
Calendar dreaming...maybe next year.
I find it difficult to use black ink. I prefer blue.
On the needles..

The Violet Cap: a lacy hat from the 1st issue of Making Magazine.

For those who asked, unfortunately The Maestro will not be made into a print at this time because it's too large for my scanner. It needs to be scanned in parts and photo shopped...above my capabilities just now. I could have the printer scan it but it costs a lot. So very sorry.

Thank you for reading along.

 Enjoy the week...

March 24, 2016

Dapper Dan/Trillium/Happy Easter

 Outside just now--howling wind and driving snow, but still it won't be long before warmer weather arrives, although March appears to have plans to go out like a lion too.

Dapper Dan will soon be on my painting board.

 A trillium. It takes awhile to build up the colour.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

December 18, 2014

Good Tidings

After I posted my last post, a foot and a half of snow fluttered down overnight from a heavy sky.  I think that means we will have a white Christmas. 

As you can see in two of the pictures below, besides baking, decorating, caroling, etc., I've been drawing and painting as well.

Lady Slippers ~ a favourite of mine.

So today, with the holidays a little over a week away, I'm just popping in to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. And for those of you who celebrate, do have a wonderful Christmas!

Make merry!


If you are as fond of birds as I am, and you do not have a bird feeder, or are curious to see what's happening at other feeders you might want to check out these webcams.
I've been keeping a watchful eye on this one lately.

December 09, 2014

Still Green

Although I thought the snow was here to stay it disappeared. Great. Why? Because if the snow stays on the ground late in December, spring generally comes early. Predictive? No.  Just an observation, but I've been wrong before. Time will tell. 

I finally toured this old house. It looks bleak/spooky with the black roof and front door.  If you look closely, you will notice a rocking chair in the upstairs window, which adds another layer of spookiness to the place. But the only spooky thing I found in the house was a well in the middle of the kitchen floor. (That's enough, I reckon.) In the late 1800's, I'm sure, an inside well was convenient because no one ( generally the lady of the house) had to brave the elements to haul water from the well, but I couldn't help but think how dangerous a convenience it must have been, especially with a house full of curious children.

My Christmas preparations are coming along. I have a few items out, but only a few and they all seem to be green..
I'm searching for a container for my frosty fern.
Never one to frequent Boxing Day sales, last year I finally went shopping and bought  this cute linen tea towel for a song.
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