November 05, 2013

* By the Sea

* An earlier post that somehow reverted to draft form so re-posting...
Finally, by the sea...ahhhh
Words were not necessary, looking and breathing in the sea air was enough. My last evening by the sea. I felt sad to leave but was so happy I was there.
Nova Scotia tartan scarf and sea glass compliments of my sister, although, along the shore, I did find one or two pieces of sea glass which I've added to the mix. I wanted to buy sea glass earrings and a pendant, but the ones I found were beyond expensive...maybe next time.

My footprints will disappear with the coming tide.

In bound.
 Not the sea, but these "fall guys" seem fitting. I found this motley crew off the beaten track, but in an area that I love.

I had a great time in Nova Scotia. The weather was beautiful. It rained one day and after that at night, so the days were clear and mostly sunny. The time flew by and we were on the go, so my blogging plans vanished like the morning mist. Over the next while, I will post pics of my trip which, I've noticed, are mostly of the places that I love: the sea, woods, rivers and, of course, old houses. I am looking forward to catching up with all of you. I hope you all had a great month!


  1. Almost all good vacations involve great bodies of water, but the best are at the ocean.
    I love sea glass and your tartan ;-)

  2. Hi Carolyn. That is so true and everyday spent by the sea differs; there's always something new to watch and see.
    Thanks. I also love the sea glass and the Nova Scotian or New Scotland tartan...

  3. Anonymous9:47 am

    It looks great. Welcome back!


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