November 07, 2013

Farther Along the Shore

Farther along the shore, we stopped for a visit in Shelburne, N.S. The town was settled by the United Empire Loyalists in 1783. Bustling with 10,000 souls, it was, at the time, the fourth largest city in North America. Unfortunately, the population dwindled rapidly and by 1791 most of the people had moved on. Because of the decline, many of the old house were torn down. It grieves me to think about it.

If you watched the Scarlet Letter, you may remember this building--the steeple was added for the movie. Fortunately, this old warehouse has been saved from demolition and will soon be re-roofed and used for business.

 In 1983, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the town, this old dory shop received the "royal treatment."
A smart looking Loyalist solider standing guard over Thomas Courtney's house build in 1783.
George Gracie house circa 1785. Now Cooper's Inn. With great food, and a fine bed, and a front room with a view of the harbour, I'm certain, it would prove to be a perfect place to spend the night.
Thankfully, The Ross-Thompson house was also saved from the wrecker's ball and is now a museum. Inside there's a 1785's store that did, no doubt, a booming business. (The store was built in one of the side lanes just up from the waterfront.) I can picture the barrels/hogsheads of rum, tobacco, molasses, flour, and other "necessities" that stocked the shelves, along with a bustling waterfront that teemed with sailing ships.
~Notice the old cellar doors. ~
A side view of The Ross-Thompson house. There's a summer kitchen in the basement and a 1780's garden by the side of the house.
A view of some of those buildings on the waterfront. (Shelburne also has the 3rd largest natural harbour in the world.)
An abrupt diversion...on the design. After many twists and turns I am finally knitting from my complete pattern.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. It looks like you had beautiful weather in Shelburne, an historic site that I had not heard of. Great photos and I love your knitting!

    1. Raining at night and clear very day but one describes the weather on the trip. It was amazing.
      Thanks. I am enjoying my knitting and I love those muted colours in the scarf. The yarn is Debbie Bliss's Angel Prints.

  2. More of your wonderful pictures. I loved the movie 'The Scarlet Letter' though it didn't get good reviews. I thought Demi Moore was lovely. I, too, love your knitting. I admire that you use such fine yarns, whereas I love bulkier ones.

    1. I don't have an expensive camera so I am pleased that most pictures turned out. However, with that said, I sometimes miss capturing the whole scene, especially in those narrow lanes with houses on either side. One can only back up so far! :-)
      Yes, I agree; Demi Moore as Hester Prynne was great.


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