November 12, 2013

In the Meantime...

After my trip, I decided to finish a few things that I've been thinking about completing for awhile.The scarf I wanted to knit as soon as I saw it, so once I got back, I whipped it up rather quickly.

On the other hand, the pie has been languishing on my want to do list since early July. I've come up with a few reasons for not making it. 1.)  In the past, pastry has  rated high on my misery index.
2.) That, in July, August, and Sept., it was just too hot to heat up the oven. But sometimes wisdom creeps on you...I must have been waiting for the apple harvest.

Old Shale Scarf
The wheat is grown in the village and carted to the mill to be ground and bagged.

Finished product.
One for me
The "trick" for great pastry: make sure everything is cold, including the bowl. Put a cup of cold water filled with ice cubes in the freezer until it's time to mix the required amount of water with the flour and shortening. It really does work! A great tip from a master pie maker and baker, my sister.

"Resistance is futile."

Onward to a little revision.
And for the bright spot. I'm still deciding on what to make, but I'm leaning towards the Longfellow Shawl.


  1. Pretty scarf, lovely, locally sourced pie, a work in progress and another in planning. Nicely balanced.

  2. Thanks very much!

    One project definitely had a satisfying finish. ☺

  3. Anonymous5:43 pm

    To my Sister , This is a beautiful reminder of the nice vacation I had when you were down . Love to visit the Clyde today in my mind, the smell and the warm sun on our backs. This blog is fabulous. I will be visiting often. So now you are busy with the samplers, knitting , pictures , poetry , memories. Thank-you sister Lorraine


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