November 21, 2013

River Run ...continued

Cobscooch. A Micmac name meaning "bad, rough water." 
Pronounced  Cubscooch.
An old sentinel overlooking Cobscooch.
 The long shadows of a late afternoon.
Detail--old house on the above property; it is currently being rebuilt. ☺
An incognito tree hugger.
 I had to add this old character-driven house.
The old Post Office.

 A special thank you to Lorraine, my sister, for indulging my whims on my trip home.

And to Sheren who lit up the world with her presence and who I travel with everyday in spirit...


  1. What a wonderful glimpse of NS. So many memories for you. The scarf is VERY pretty. Your design? The pie -- well yum, can almost taste/smell it. How long were you away on your trip?

    1. Thanks, Penny.
      I was away over three weeks but, as the good times do, it passed by quickly.
      Not my design, but the old shale pattern is an easy one to incorporate. I especially like its show-off airy quality when partnered with mohair.


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