November 26, 2013


 A little snow on the ground and that's okay, but I can wait a little longer for a heavy crop of snow. And I would not be disappointed if it completely disappeared.  As you may have guessed by now, winter is not my favourite time of year, but I do appreciate the beauty of a heavy snowfall.  What I miss most in the winter is colour, especially the bloomin' flowers so when it's cold outside, I try and create small islands of beauty inside.

For me, the aroma of something freshly baked adds to that beauty. My idea of a great afternoon, knitting, reading, and watching the amaryllis grow with promise before my eyes. On a sunny day, if I move these plants around so they can track the sun, they sometimes, depending on what type of bulb, grow a few inches a day. It's amazing!

Usually the Amaryllis bloom by Christmas, but they will be early this year, so I might plant another, and perhaps another when they go on sale after Christmas. I'm still looking for paperwhites; they are fun to grow too.
Banana bread. My mother's recipe.

Because the yarn is not very stretchy, I don't think that this cast on edge will even out after blocking.
 Did someone say frog?
( For non-knitters...  In knitting, frog parlance it means to rip it. In this case, all of it and begin again.)

Winter's winds whistle in
And snow banks the trees
Who huddle and rest 
And dream of spring

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