November 29, 2013


I've always loved the old samplers, so several years ago I decided to make my own. I'll admit that this sampler has been languishing in the depths of the closet, but I've been working on it in the past few weeks. 100% linen thread and cloth. 

 Mid to late 18th century reproduction. Currently working on the tree above the Shepherdess' head, so there's a lot of work left to do. For the scene, I must conquer a few stitches, but my greatest challenge will be the placement. Wish me luck! Yes, that's a tea stain.

Here's  a great site for kits, classes etc.
My first sampler.


  1. Dixie ~ that is my favorite site for samplers! I bought quite a few patterns from them years ago and I'm working on one of them right now...I love counted cross stitch! I'll try and send you a link on ravelry so you can see the one I'm currently working on! I love yours!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa.

      And yes,the site does have some beautiful samplers. I've been admiring the ones with silk thread and thinking about the lovely sheen that would create. But, hey, for now, I've got my hands more than full.

      Also, thanks for sharing. Your Santa is wonderful...He must captivate everyone (the holiday company) in the room. What a great job!

  2. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Theses are the cutest Santa,s I have ever seen . The flowers and the tree fab.


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