August 27, 2014

One Down

 The Scrollwork   

It was hot in the park today ~ temperature of 28C/82.4F.  Needless to say, as soon as the picture was taken, I doffed the hat. With it on, I look a lot like Kermit. And as we all know "it ain't easy being green." 
 I'll be sending the hat off to someone soon.

Still on the needles...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I put out an APB on Raverly for The Verdant Gryphon's yarn in colourway Sunset at Briere because I ran short on this "Hap for Harriett" shawl. Unfortunately, I didn't receive an answer. I've ordered a hank that looks close to this colour ~ a long shot, I know.  If that doesn't work, I will frog to the middle, or, if necessary, frog to the beginning section then cry revamp and finish.  

I didn't knit much this summer.  But with a hint of fall in the air, I want to search out patterns and stash yarn.

I've been busy with other crafts though. Last night, I finished this small decoupage box.

 Also, my birthday crept up on me last week. Where did a year go? I received wonderful gifts, and good wishes with gratitude and  thanks.
 Hopefully, these watercolour pencils will soon freshen up some paper. I've been interested in a set of 24 watercolour pencils for sometime. What a bonus!


  1. I would love to see what you do with those watercolors. Hope you share something one of these days.

    Good luck with the yarn order. Hope it's a perfect match.

  2. Because it is all new to me, I've much to learn; I am hoping for some fun interspersed with a tiny level of disaster. :^)

    Thanks. I am still waiting for the yarn order. If it matches, it will be the best of luck!

  3. Anonymous5:26 am

    I didn't kow you were so talented!! I can't wait to see your watercolours....did the yarn match?-debits

    1. I 'm just brimming with surprises! *L*

      I'm knitting with the yarn; it's aaamazing that it works because it is a different colourway. Serendipity at it's finest! Yes!


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