August 21, 2014

Spreading Gold

Yesterday, as a passenger on my way to the city, I couldn't capture the beauty of the goldenrod. I ended up with either an electric pole in the middle the picture or a blur of colour, but, as you can see from the pic, beauty can't be denied.
Usually I have my knitting in tow, but yesterday I was happy to look out at the wildflowers. In many areas the goldenrod was complimented by banks of purple wildflowers.

Before the golden phase--complete with a buzzing bee.
Milkweed and goldenrod. Too bad I can't include  the sweet, heady scent of the milkweed for you.

Fortunately, I've noticed that there are a few more wild bees around this year.
Several years ago, I took an Apiculture course from Simon Fraser University.  As a child, I collected and released many bees so I was aware that they are engaging creatures, but I also learned, among many other things,  that they not only navigate by following landmarks, but that they also use the tilt of the sun and the magnetic field.
In early spring they send out a scouts and the when these scouter bees return to the hive they dance out the directions to the source of nectar/pollen for the other worker bees. They have several dances in their repertoire.
For the bees' sake and ours, we need to save these wee creatures. Please sign the petitions against the use of pesticides.

On the needles...slow going.

  One day, recently, I could have worn this hat; it was 12C or 53.6F.  Thankfully, it's warmer now. The hat is taking longer than I expected, but I am a few rounds closer to the finish line.

Have fun this weekend! And thanks for reading...

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