August 05, 2014

Turning the Page

A perfect sized box for my small knitting projects. Another coat of Mod Podge (waiting a week because it's hot) and added distressing, to even out the look, should do.

I 'll admit that I felt a twinge of remorse when I turned the calendar page on July. It was a beautiful month, although I'm certain that August will be great too, summer is  zipping by. And so with brief thoughts of cooler weather, I've cast on the Jasmin scarf in worsted weight yarn.

Along the roadsides, Queen Anne's Lace, Brown-eyed Susans and clouds of Goldenrod are putting on a show, and O, yes, the peaches are delicious and for two nights in a row, the first of the corn crop bubbled on the stove. It's all good!



  1. I, too, love the summer and have similar feelings about it being August already. I do not know why the winters always seem twice as long as the summers. I like your little box and your Jasmin project.

  2. I am hoping for a long, long fall--into January would be nice. :^)
    Thanks., Carolyn. Since it has cooled down a bit, I hope to finish the box tonight.


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