August 12, 2014

Lunas at Large

I've always been fascinated by Luna Moths. Luckily, I've seen one, but only one in my life.  Recently, I've been drawing Luna and other huge moths, so imagine my surprise when I came across this beautiful Luna Rose Rose Mallow with blossoms reminiscent of a full moon. Gorgeous doesn't begin to cover it! 

On the needles and other things...

Enjoy the week...


  1. I do love the Luna photos. I searched to find the size of the blossoms and I found seeds for sale for another variety that grows 8" blossoms. If you grew these, and they are anywhere near that size, you did a great job and created something very beautiful!

    1. Wished I could, but I can't take credit for growing this plant from seed. It would be fun to grow from seed though, and if it grew well, beyond rewarding. If I can find seeds, maybe I'll give it a try next year. It's a perennial though, but not sure if it will make it though the winter.
      I just ran out to measure and the blooms are 8 inches across! It's amazing.


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