May 31, 2016

Watercolour Card

 May 31, 2016

I've been doing a little blog spring cleaning. After three years and just a few changes here and there it was definitely time. A favicon would be nice too.  I've also been thinking of starting an art blog, but as you know they do take time. For me, time probably better spend painting since I can't seem to stick to one subject.

You may remember the Maestro from an earlier post.  Because the painting was not working for one reason or another, I ended up painting three versions.  I didn't want to throw out the birds because I put a lot of work into them. Thanks to a suggestion from my lovely friend, Soma I decided to make a card.  My rotary paper cutter is small, but I managed to cut the card stock and it looks straight. (I've seen so many beautiful cards on blogs that I visit. I could use a lesson.) Thankfully, I was lucky to find card stock in my craft supply suitcase and an envelope that fits.

Although this suitcase looks new, it reminds me of old travel cases.

I love the pictures on the inside.
I may make another card and paint the background, or perhaps I'll make a shadow box. Watercolour paper would work too. Perhaps I'll find a treasure to help me out inside the suitcase: a case full of surprises, almost magical it seems, because I toss a few things in now and then and rarely look inside.

I added a few original watercolour flower cards to my shoppe yesterday.  There's one left. I am hoping to add more prints to the shoppe this fall, so I better start painting.

Enjoy the week!


  1. Oh my, your card is exquisite. The pretty blue bird, the flower and the envelope...just amazing! Love those suitcase, what a delight to the eyes. I can only imagine all the pretties hiding inside.

  2. What a pretty card Dixie!
    You're a dab hand at birds.
    I would rather you spent your time painting than creating another blog!
    Shane x

  3. You do such beautiful work!

  4. I have also thought of keeping another blog, but at the end I decided against it as well. I love your little suitcase, Dixie, I wonder what treasure is hiding inside it. The card is so beautiful and as is the matching envelope! Love the little touches you added :)

    -Soma xx

  5. love your little birdie. It is very nice. :)

  6. Such a talented woman. We are bird people obviously, but the Maestro tops them all. He's pretty cool. I know you are having fun both in nature and painting nature.

    1. O, you are such a lovely lady. Thank you, Penny.
      I having been enjoying painting and any my treks out and about.
      Hope you are having a great summer!


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