September 06, 2016

Fall, Shawl Collared Cowl

September 6, 2016

Labour Day has come and gone and everyone's talking about fall, even though we are having wonderful summer weather, but I have noticed a change in the air, especially at night.  Still I've decided to stick with summer. Picnic anyone? After all, fall doesn't officially arrive until September 22nd.

I love these delicate blooms.  I  just googled and found out that they are called Peruvian lilies or Lily of the Incas.

 Looks like fall wear. And after that sweet talk about summer, but being prepared can't hurt.

 This Shawl Collared Cowl has been in the basket (dare I say) for almost two years. (I am so happy I can knit again!)  I really like this pattern. I've knit it for gifts and for myself.  Yes, I am one of those people, if I like something why not (sometimes) have two. :) I've knit two with Alpaca. It's soft and wonderful to wear, but it does stretch a lot, so, for this one, I added a lace weight mohair for support. Since mohair is suppose to be the warmest fiber, it should, coupled with the Alpaca, be lovely and warm, especially once the loft fluffs up.

A relatively fast knit, but I did spend too long in the fabric store staring at a wall of bland buttons. Nothing caught my eye, until, that is, I saw ice blue. 
 (Did I mention that I am so happy I can knit again!) 

Raverly info here.

Lily of the Incas, Hydrangea, Wax plant bloom.

The last two years I've only had one bloom on my wax plant. Maybe it needs a new owner. (I give it a good fertilizer and put it outside in the summer.)  Calling all gardeners...any ideas for more blooms?

'Til next time...Have a lovely week!


  1. Such lovely shawl collars. The wool looks so light and soft, and I love the surprise of those pretty blue buttons. Always a good thing to have two of everything you love. =) How wonderful you can knit again! My, those Peruvian Lilies are so pretty.

  2. Beautiful cowl, Dixie! I am with you -- I will stick with summer as long as I can ����☀️⛱

  3. It's great that you can knit again and your cowl looks lovely. Those buttons are wonderful on it :)

  4. What lovely purple flowers! I really like them a lot. Great work on the cowl.

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful flower photos, Dixie! Your collar looks wonderful, love the blue buttons. When I find a pattern I like very much, I also tend to make 1, 2, or many. I am so happy to hear that you are able to knit again. You are so good at it too :)



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