January 02, 2018

Here's to 2018!

Hi there,

Another post but in a brand New Year. It will be 5 years in April that I've been blogging. (I must find something special to do to celebrate...perhaps a give-a-way.) I find that extremely encouraging since I gone back and forth about blogging, especially last year. But thanks to a few lovely people, (you know who you are-many thanks xx) I am still here in Blog land and happy to begin the New Year, but not without a quick look back.

Before the year ended, I re-visited a few of my watercolour paintings and decided to enhance the colour. When painting sometimes the subject seems colourful enough, but a re-visit may change your mind.  For me, painting is like writing... it does help to put it away for awhile.

The Pretty Pair

Sweet violets. They are one of the first spring wildflowers..so delightful.

The show...:)The story goes like this... I put this orchid outside for the summer. Because I thought the sun might burn the leaves, I put it under a table. In the fall heavy rains and cold nights took over before I remembered the poor thing. Since it was soaked, I debated whether I should keep it or not. I am glad I kept it.  I may even get another bloom.

Since this Amaryllis is rather small, I am sharpening up my pencils so I can draw it and the orchid flower.

* * *
A special thank you for supporting my tictail shop last year. It means a lot to me!
 In the New Year, I hope to add cards and other items to my new etsy shop. Once it gets running, I may close tictail, although I do like tictail's platform.

* * *
Happy New Year! May it be for all of you and your families, a wonderful year filled with health and happiness, creation and peace, with a good measure of prosperity thrown in.

Cultivate your dreams.

 'Til next time...


  1. Your paintings are always a joy to see, Dixie. Both your Pretty Pair and pot of Violets are so pretty. I must say your header is gorgeous! May you have a lovely year, filled with the painting of many beautiful works of art. Visits to your lovely place always puts many a smile in my day.

    1. Thank you, Kim. I am always pleased to have blooms to look at, especially now that snow has covered the land. Different beauty to look at inside and out.
      I hope you have a wonderful year too! Best Wishes.

  2. Thanks for brightening my day with your lovely paintings and blossoms! Happy New Year!

    1. My best wishes, Carolyn for a great New Year! And you are very welcome.
      Be warm...so ‘chilly’ up this way.

  3. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Hi Dixie: Thank you for the lovely post, with the Amaryllis header and the drawings and another Amaryllis in the body of the blog. I love your blog. Happy New Year. Love, Joannie

  4. Amaryllis are the best of flowers. So bold yet delicate. As you know, I am
    immensely fond of them!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you. Happy New Year!

  5. The birds are a gorgeous pair and violets are just lovely. I have the hardest time discarding plants, I wait at least one season to be absolutely sure that it is not going to leaf or bud anymore. I know you will weave your magic on the orchid and the amaryllis paintings. I am so glad you decided to continue to blog, we would have deprived of something very precious otherwise.



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