May 29, 2018

Natural Magic

 Hi there,

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. I was excited to have a painting chosen for the juried art show. From the vernissage, to the day I hosted along with another lady, it was fun and I learned a lot. The best, of course, was chatting with people and admiring the wonderful paintings that covered the walls at the show.

My framed entry. Snowdrops--a slight obsession of mine.

 * * *
The crab apple trees and lilac trees are in bloom. And the newly hatched, fresh-faced leaves are waving in the breeze.  When I look out the window, there are so many lovely hues of green--rich, deep, subtle, and, well, the whole landscape looks gorgeous. All those spring greens do animate the spirit.

The birds woke me up at 4:45 this morning. They were singing their hearts out. How industrious and celebratory they are. After opening the window, I crawled back into bed and found myself imagining spending an afternoon under a fragrant crab apple tree, drinking tea, knitting and/or sketching. I even  fancied I could feel a lovely soft breeze blowing in from the river. (Time to make that reverie a reality, I reckon. Even an hour would be lovely.)

Wild honeysuckle.

Yes, Emerson. "The earth [ really does] laugh (s) in flowers."

 Ms. Squirrel dressed to the nines.  Hurrah! She made it through a hard winter and is in fine form.  I think I have mentioned before that it takes about 3000 trips for this little one to fill her pantry with enough seeds to get her through the winter. She's an independent wonder.

  I am contemplating painting a bearded iris. Just look at the rich as a fine tapestry.

It was raining the day I was out taking these pics. It's still raining and that's okay. Blossoms need moisture. I'd like to get a few closes ups with my big camera; I hope to go tomorrow rain or shine.

A red-winged blackbird searches the area for a mate. (I love to hear his discordant melodies.) Since it's breeding season, the red bands on his wings are brilliant. What a charmer. I hope he soon finds his lady love.

Speaking of charmers/charming, how about that royal wedding? I loved it. Wouldn't it have been grand to be a butterfly on the wall at the receptions at Windsor castle and Frogmore house?

'Til next time...

Cultivate your dreams.


  1. Dixie, your beautiful flowers make my heart skip a beat. Oh, those beautiful Lilacs and the Bearded Iris....yes you must paint one or two. What a delight your post is today. It brought a smile to my cold and wet day.

  2. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Hi Dixie: What a beautiful post with the gorgeous flowering trees, the snowdrop painting - congratulations - and the Red Wing Blackbird. I, too, hear the birds singing early in the morning. What a treat. It is TOO hot here, in Windsor, but I must admit much better than the cold Winter. I watched the Royal Wedding on my computer as we don't have 'regular' TV and took many pictures for my photo album from social media. I'm crazy about this young couple and wish them all the best. It's rumoured they are honeymooning in Canada! Oh my! Love, Joannie

  3. So nice to get to know you Dixie <3

    Your white blooming apple tree is as packed with flowers as mine last week. Unfortunately we have got weeks of heat wave - nearly 30 C is heat by the Finnish standards :) - so the blooming went so quickly. The same with lilacs. But I don't complain with this climate....

    The earth laughs in flowers - so true. When one fades, another open. Let's enjoy the long expected summer season! Btw - your pink banner is really stunning!

  4. Such a lovely post. It probably won't surprise you that snowdrops are a obsession of mine too. Sadly they don't grow where I live, but I swoon over them whenever we travel anywhere during late winter/early spring. The painting is absolutely lovely!! A true representation. Well done, Dixie! I wonder what you will paint next.


  5. Such nice photos. And your painting is lovely. I wish I could paint, but I quilt instead.

  6. What a lovely group of photos - you have a painterly

    What a lovely group of flowery photos.

  7. Great to revisit one of my favourite posts. Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera, Dixie! Hope you are having a wonderful week wandering :)


  8. Your Snowdrops painting is stunning. It almost looks 3-D to me in the photo. To live among all your flowers--Heaven!

  9. What a lovely collection of dainty blooms! A great inspiration for your lovely painting.


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