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30 Jun 2020

June's Tune

June 30, 2020

Hi there,

I hope you all had a good month!

Here in Canada, June with its puffy, free floating clouds, bluest of skies, and blossoms running riot everywhere you look is the best of months. And one truly longed for which makes it even sweeter. Actually, for me, June is like a poem or a song from nature, and to heap accolades on it, it's the best painting of all.

Greens intensify.
Container plants take off.
Ivy trails.

                                                               Peonies bloom.

Bees forage and buzz out arias.

Weeds show off.

Roses bloom and bushes too.

Woodland Ferns grow large. And so much more, but I will move along for now.

           * * *                

 On the making front, this month I tried eco-printing. I don't have a heat press, and a press would really enhance the colours. But, overall, it worked quite well using a regular iron and pressing everything between two sheets of Teflon. Another time, I will experiment with lighter weight paper, and, of course, a wider variety of flowers and leaves. And who knows I may brave it and boil everything up in an old pot on the stove. Dahlias would make a lovely print. I don't have any, but I may be able to 'borrow' a few.

Bunting also piqued my interest, so I decided to make one, drawing whatever comes to mind with gel pens on black paper. Approximately 12 more to go, although I may make it smaller and string it across my desk.

 I left comments for everyone who visited last time. Thanks for your company!

'Til Next Time...

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  1. I love big and bountiful peonies. I need to plant more.

  2. I love peonies!! Happy Canada day!

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Such gorgeous pictures. I love June too and here in Windsor it is the most beautiful of months. Slowly things go 'downhill' after June; i.e. HOT, HOT, HOTTER! :) I, too, love Peonies and have a gorgeous Festiva Maxima - white with a magenta throat. (Magenta was one of my Mom's favourite colours!) My daughter, like you, Dixie, very creative and experimental made Peony Jelly! Never heard of it; I who have made many canned delights. Then she made Lavender Jelly, now at least I'd heard of that! Love, Joannie

  4. Great capture of the bee. I may have to try the eco printing as I have a heat press. I tried hammering once and they were interesting. Thanks for visiting. Love the clouds, and beautiful flowers.

  5. WOW! Such beautiful photos!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. you really can't beat peonies and roses

  7. Your summer garden is looking delightful, Dixie, and those peonies are gorgeous. How restful your blue, blue, summery skies look. I love how you are always experimenting with new techniques, and as for the bunting, it will look lovely strung across your desk.

  8. Your flowers are a wonderful burst of color for me on my wintry day!

    'My Corner of the World' is happy to see you this week! Thanks for linking.

  9. green....and colorful flowers

  10. Beautiful photos from your garden with the peonies in the flower vase and the other flowers and fern.
    Great the drawings with the gel pen and the printed paper!
    Have a beautiful Week, Elke

  11. Happy Canada Day! Wonderful captures.

  12. Your container garden echos the lovely outdoor that surrounds you, Dixie! I can see why you were inspired to do eco-printing. Love the abundance of yellow as well as the white on black sketch bunting. That would look wonderful around your desk.


  13. Very nice flowers.

  14. Your peonies are beautiful!

  15. Beautiful sky shots. Eco-printing sounds like an interesting process!

  16. Dixie - so glad to have you return to Mosaic Monday, and with such glories from June. I agree with you that everything is busting out all over this month. The sun and its warmth finally arrived! Loved the turn of phrase "bees buzz out arias". How true it is!

  17. Glorious flower captures, the pink peony is amazing. Your bunting is a work of art, love it.
    Happy MM.

  18. The drawing on the black paper is very eye catching! And I love the art cards too. You are so talented and creative! Enjoy your week!

  19. Love the bunting/drawings on the paper, nice job. Lovely flowers as well. I haven't seen you around Mosaic Monday before so if you're new. Welcome.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  20. Seeing what you plan to do with the bunting, I can get into bunting. :-) You've also got my interest with the eco-printing. I've noted it learn more.
    I love the lighting in your area. Your photos have brought me back to being a small kid wandering in the fields near my home.


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