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2 Sept 2020

Careening Down Time’s Zip Line

September 2, 2020

Hi everyone,

I do hope this post finds you all well and adjusting to the new way of life that we are confronted with.

My computer has been down for the count. Thankfully, today, my son, Jesse, rescued it from oblivion.  And, luckily I didn't lose my pictures that I neglected to back up. Jess pointed out, in his diplomatic way, that I've been living on the edge. He must be kidding!

Can it really be September? Time flies sounds like an understatement this year, and although we've been lockdown and curtailed somehow it happened. ( I always feel this way. I love summer.) And for the record it has been the hottest summer I have ever witnessed. Of course, when time zips by it leaves a lot of us feeling like we lost the plot.  However, the good news: September and October will soon dazzle us with brilliance.

River side

A hint of the beauty to come.

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Until next time...

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Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

I am so glad that Jesse was able to sort everything out for you. Everything looks beautiful and green there. Enjoy!


Kim said...

How sad to say goodbye to summer, Dixie, but autumn will delight your senses for a while. How wonderful your son was able to put you on the right technological path. Enjoy your September.

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

Thankfully Jess has everything in order. Yes!
We have had a lot of much need rain lately.
Lovely to watch the rain sweeping across the landscape.

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

I am still hanging on tight to summer, Kim. White knuckled. :)
But fall will be a wonder, no doubt!
Yes, thankfully, Jesse saved the day!