". Arranged Words: Summer Escapades Part 2

14 Sept 2021

Summer Escapades Part 2

Since it's nearly the middle of September, I thought I'd better post the second part of my summer pictures this week so that I can catch up after two months away from blogland.
The blue mountains: the Adirondacks in upstate New York. 


                                                         A bird's eye view. Well, almost.

Weeping Willows swaying in the wind.

                                                               Summer clouds.

I just received Remarkable Diaries to add to my collection. In my opinion, these are great books; they give you a fascinating view into many remarkable lives.  Armchair exploration at its finest.


  One of my container plants. Begonia still hanging in there. The nights are cool but the days are still lovely. After all, the very last day of summer isn't until September 22nd. And I am sticking to it!

Brown Eyed Susan's, Purple Coneflower, and an early turning Maple. The Maple photo was taken in August.

* * * 

Pastel on Uart 400 Sanded paper. As you can see the paper likes to curl up, but it holds colour and layers well.

Have a lovely week...

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  1. Lovely views and skies.

  2. Lovely artwork and great photo captures. I'm so not ready for Summer to end, but the Fall photos are always lovely as well. Actually, love any photography. :) Have great week.

  3. I like the way the trees framed the first shot. All pretty!
    Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-sistine-chapel-exhibit.html

  4. Weeping Willow trees are one of my very favourite trees. Such lovely photos of your summer. I totally understand you not wanting summer to leave, but I can just imagine what lovely delights your fall will present you. Another pastel in the works; just lovely.

  5. Beautiful artwork and fabulous photo captures.

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Hard to believe we are already saying goodbye to summer. I'm glad we could get home to our cabin in July to enjoy at least part of it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me back. - Margy

  7. Ah! All that greenery! <3
    It gets very dry around here in the summer.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer and all those pretty flowers. :)

  8. So beautiful images!
    On the second image with clouds appears some fabulous creatures. Impressive!
    Enjoy you flowers!
    Have a beautiful evening and week!

  9. Lovely painting and gorgeous photos.

  10. Beautiful art and photos, happy, Valerie

  11. I love seeing the photos. Nice books and wonderful art. Have a great weekend.

  12. Gorgeous summer captures in your photos - I don't want it to end...
    Those books look like good reads. Happy PPF!

  13. Lovely photos and painting. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  14. Your summer is so different than our harsh ones. Everything looks delightful. The painting looks very promising, I am already imagining myself exploring the area.


  15. I love the idea of reading diaries. I listened to a youtube reading of diary of a homesteader, it gives you such awareness of real life

  16. Beautiful nature ❤

  17. Amazing photos ❤

  18. Lovely pastel. Luv the wind through the willow.


  19. I always appreciate your visits to my blog. My favorite picture here is your weeping willow. It is so amazing how big they get, and the fabulous, sinewy structure. AWEsome.

  20. A wonderful drawing. A weeping willow is really a Eyecatcher, there are fantastisc captures.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  21. I'm back... I didn't realize the pic was from Adirondacks... how we miss going there every year now that we're so far away in Colorado.

  22. P.S. And thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  23. I love your beautiful art! And the book sounds good...I'll look for it! Enjoy your day!


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