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26 Oct 2021

Celebrating Autumn

Hi Everyone,


In the wink of an eye, another month has flown by and autumn's beauty surrounds us. This year, with warmer temperatures, it took a while for the autumn colours to bloom, but bloom they have. Joyful and invigorating oranges, reds, golds and still bright greens are everywhere you look.


These trees over by the boat launch always put on a show. As you can see, they are especially celebratory this year.  In my books, they are as beautiful as fireworks. 

And what you see is what you get--no colour enhancement here, although a tone down of the sun drenched trees to the right might have proved useful.


                                                                       Light and shade.                                                                                    

 Beauty aloft too.



Winter will soon be hard on the heels of autumn, so these books are at hand to keep my head full of flowers. They are all great, but the top and bottom ones are especially good.

On the cup, Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses.  Wish I could paint a painting like that. Don't we all. 


                                                                                   * * *

                                                                From The Little Sketchbook


Gouache and Watercolour


My second annual pumpkin painting.
  “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
     L.M. Montgomery,  Anne of Green Gables

To one and all: Have a safe and Happy Hallowe'en!           
Cultivate Your Dreams!
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  1. The trees are spectacular. I like the quote at the end of your posts.

  2. Those trees are spectacular. I love all the seasons but autumn is my favorite by far.

  3. Autumn is a fantastic season. Lovely scene and lovely paintings.
    I like a lot how you present them.
    All the best and a fine week ahead, Dixie!

  4. Love the pretty fall colours of those trees.

    Your paintings are beautiful as always.

  5. Beautiful...each photo. Love the colorful sky. The trees....amazing. Ours are not. Mine in back yard and along the roadside are still green. Up until this week, which turned cold quickly, it was still Summer temps. Enjoyed seeing your visit to Pictorial. Have a great week.

  6. Beautiful autumn trees and skies! I love fall. I am also a fan of van Gogh and love your mug. I went to see the van Gogh Immersive show recently in Denver which was amazing

  7. Oh, how invigorating and glorious your autumn world is, Dixie; just stunning! Loving the pretties in your sketch book. A stack of beautiful books is always a joy. The 'Petals' book is often enjoyed down here; it is a beautiful book. How we all wish we could paint like Van Gogh...Monet...

  8. Thank you for showing me the place

  9. Oh MY! What stunning leaves! Gorgeous signs of the season.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/10/the-old-mill.html

  10. I bought a sketch book and it’s empty…thanks for inspiring me..
    The leaves in your area are just beautiful . We have a bit of color here in North Texas, but it is usually in November. Thanks for the visit. I hope that you will come again. Janey

  11. ...you have some beautiful colors to enjoy!

  12. Yes October has flown far to fast for me but I adore the month. Your little sketch book holds beautiful paintings and that pumpkin display is fabulous.
    Happy Halloween & PPF Tracey.

  13. It was so lovely to see your fantastic fall colors, as in Finland they are all gone by now. Your floral book pile looks inspiring and I love the Van Gogh mug! Wishing a happy Halloween.

  14. Lovely fall colour and beautiful art!

  15. Your art is beautiful love the photos, too, especially the beautiful skies. Your books look very readable and inspiring. Have a great weekend, happy haunting! Valerie

  16. a gorgeous post all around!!! Yes, the autumn trees are absolutely splendid with vibrant colors. Looks like you have some really good books to keep you creative and painting:) Love the van Gogh mug. Your flower paintings are lovely,and what a sweet Halloween vignette! Happy PPF!

  17. Wow - such gorgeous photos! Our color has not been that nice. Great flower paintings! Awesome pumpkin. Happy PPF!

  18. The trees are so beautiful - lucky you

  19. What fabulous Autumn colours, love you little book of flower paintings.

  20. Such gorgeous fall colours, even the sky seem to play along with the orange clouds. What a beautiful mug, you must feel really peaceful and inspired sipping tea from it. Thanks so much for the books. I may just have to get a few of them. LOVE your little book of flowers so much. What a sweet ghost, the trio seem to ready for a Halloween party :)

    Thank you so much for sharing on Wandering Camera, Dixie!!


  21. I love seeing your sketch book and the pretty flowers. Wish I had handwriting that nice too. Beautiful color this year! Enjoy your week!

  22. PS I would love to sit down with that stack of books too!

  23. Pretty Autumn photos ❤

  24. Dixie - what a wonderful set of books to get you through Autumn and Winter! And the trees are as spectacular as fireworks! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  25. Wow. Your autumn colours are alluring.
    Happy Autumn


  26. Bellas imagenes, me gustaron los arboles y tu calabaza. Te mando un beso

  27. Yes, I agree. Autumn makes speechless with his fantastisc colourful side.

    And I enjoyed reading. Love your drawings.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  28. wow. your clouds matches the trees :) COOL!
    Love both mosaics, art and nature :)

  29. WOW, the colors in these trees! Amazing! Happy PPF!

  30. Have a great weekend ❤


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