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Hi my name is Dixie and I love to paint and create. And I also love the great outdoors, bird watching, gardening, knitting, carving stamps, reading and baking. 

 I grew up in Nova Scotia, and although I haven't lived there for a long time,  I often find myself daydreaming about the woods and the sea. I fondly remember idyllic days spent skimming over the waves in a boat with occasional stops to roam around the islands that studded its surface.  The sea's watermark still defines me and I can sometimes smell, or fancy I can smell the salt sea breeze. To say I miss N.S. would be an understatement, but times and circumstances do change.

Throughout the years, I've lived in several towns and cities in Canada, including Calgary, Alberta and Inuvik, NWT  which is high above the Arctic circle. The Arctic is a place of beauty and mystery. When spring finally arrives there, green sprouts rise almost instantaneously from the evaporating snow. And after such a long, dark winter (45 days of darkness) what an absolute delight to see the sun peek over the horizon for a minute.

These days I live in the "south" (Ontario) and I love the diversity and beauty of the seasons. And the good news is that I am not landlocked. Nearby, the St. Lawrence River glides by without my help.

In my element.

At the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Birds of a Feather 

 A few pics from Nova Scotia 

                                                      Craving wildflower stamps and leaves.
Knitting project—it took awhile.


Do stay for tea and freshly baked madeleines.  ♥️



Penny said...

We are so alike when I read your profile. Writing, reading, bird watching, walks in the woods, and knitting. I love the sea, but have little exposure. I loved the book, Gifts From the Sea, and would LOVE to do what Anne Morrow Lindbergh did -- stay in a cabin on the ocean -- to refresh. You don't need much, really. We all have to find a way to do that, if only for an hour. :)

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

O, that's neat to have so much in common. I do love your blog with all the great pics of the birds, too!

You are quite right the sea shore is one of the very best places to recharge, or, barring that, a hour or so along a river, although not quite as nice, will do nicely, too!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Dixie, I see we have similar interested especially the bird watching and knitting. I'm in Ontario close to the Bay of Quinte.

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

Hi Linda,
As you know, birds are such wonderful creatures. I can't wait for spring and all the beautiful songs that will fill the air!