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December 08, 2015

A Directional Challenge

 Top of the day to you!

For many years now, I've bought Amaryllis to brighten up the season. However, this year things got away from me and the eager bulb started to grow in the box. There was no need to soak the roots first, but I decided to be gentle with it, so I gave it a soaking before I planted it. After of few days of chasing sunbeams around the room, it straightened up--bloomed and there's more blooms to come


 My Christmas cactus. A changeling that often looks apricot.
Since Amaryllis need staking, I went to the woods to procure a piece of red alder. There's no snow yet which is unusual, but not unheard of, and the temperatures sometimes climb into the low teens, so it was a great time to go.
With full bird feeders along the trail, the 'wee' chickadees and nuthatches swoop down in front of you for a snack. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, but who can forget the sweetness of a chickadee. They do make me smile.

My drawing is not quite finished.  But because the excess graphite has worked it's way into the paper, I've decided to move on. I am not sure how that happened. I did have a clean piece of paper under my hand.

Thanks for reading along...

 'Til next time...Best Wishes!

February 02, 2015

Colour Therapy

A recent arrival. What gorgeous colours.
I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome new followers to my blog!  Also, thank you for your lovely comments. I do appreciate your kindness and support. 

And what a great group of talented women I've encountered! I say women because I haven't run across any men yet, but I've  several places left to visit.  It's such a great hop; I've had so much fun and it's not over yet.

Although I've picked up my shawl a few times, I haven't been knitting much lately because I've been busy drawing and painting, but I hope to finish my shawl and post a few pictures within the next two weeks.

In case you do not know about it, the draw for my GYB giveaway is on Feb 15th. It's open to everyone. If you haven't already entered you can do so here.

With the snow piling up outside yet again, I am enjoying the colourful blooms I have inside.

'Til next time...
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