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April 12, 2016

A Great Day for The Draw

We've been having a mixed bag of weather. Apparently, spring wants to take a little longer to arrive because we've had two snowstorms lately, but that's okay I can see the buds on the trees. I know things are happening underground and above it. All we need is a little more time and the cocooned leaves will burst out with glee after just a few warm days of sunshine.

But I digress this post is suppose to be about the draw, isn't it? Yes, it is. So without further adieu... I've pulled out my sun hat, dusted it off and dropped in the names; we gave it two or three shakes and my son, Jesse, drew from the depths Barbara Lillian's name. Congratulations Barbara! Barbara's choice from the above two prints (Marsh Wren and Ahoy) was the Ahoy birdie with his maritime flag, poking out from his sailor's hat that expressively says, "I wish to communicate with you."

He'll be winging his way over to Barbara hopefully as soon as tomorrow. I will be contacting her soon.
A special thank you to those who entered!

Enjoy the week...

March 29, 2016

Watercolour Print Giveaway

You may remember that I wrote awhile ago about opening an online shoppe. It has taken awhile because we do not have a printer in town who prints artwork, so I've been working with an out-of-town printer. At this point, I am pleased to say I now have a few prints on hand. Of course, there are other details to be worked out, but things are slowly coming together. (In the beginning, I'll have the two prints for sale.)

In the meantime, I am delighted to offer one of my prints (6 x 8 inches)  in this giveaway.

To enter, please leave a comment below with which print you would like to receive should you be the  winner (If you are following via a reader or email, or do not have a blog, or I don't know how to contact you, please leave your contact information.) 

 On April 12th, your names will be tossed into the hat, and the winner will be drawn by my son, Jesse.

Best of Luck!
Marsh Wren 

 ( The prints are printed on 100% cotton rag paper. They are archival and acid free.)
The Ahoy birdie sports a maritime signal flag in his sailor hat. In case you do not know, ( I didn't know when I was thinking about the painting,) the flag means "I wish to communicate with you."

The winner's print will be mailed in a cardboard envelope bearing a clear do not bend sign. For extra protection, your print will also be placed between two pieces of chipboard, inside an acid free sleeve. It will be signed on the front by me. All reproduction rights, of course, remain with me.
Thank you to my lovely readers via all channels!

Enjoy the week...

April 14, 2015

Out and About

One of those divine days that I've been dreaming about all winter long finally arrived. And lovely it was. Temps 24C or 75.2 degrees F. with a warm breeze blowing from the south. So it was definitely time to throw off the winter woolies and head to the woods.

Eye of the Birch
Beautiful colour.

The plant life is just waking up so there's not much on the grow, but my son and I did meet and visit with a few hungry friends.

Mr. Chips the Chipmunk.

Yes please. I'm immensely fond of peanuts.
Peanuts? Shucks. I'd prefer a serving of sunflower seeds, please.

Er...maybe...just one, said the wee chickadee.

 * * *

On the needles ...

Increasing 7 stitches from 1 caused my frogging party :/ ( For non-knitters that means to rip it out.) Since a few of the holes were too large, I couldn't continue because I knew that the holes would never even out during blocking. The good news: I didn't have a life life but know where to begin again. Yes!

* * *
Painting... feathered friends...

One of my favourite birds: the marsh wren. They flit around in the marsh grasses and fly so fast that it is hard to catch more than a glimpse of one, so I decided to draw a couple.

Thanks for reading...Enjoy the week!

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