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November 21, 2017

An Artful Winter Wonderland

Hello there,

Thank you for stopping by.  As you can see we've had a snow storm that has beautifully covered the world. Although I am not enamored with winter, I do love a downy snowfall.

Humming and Singing " It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

A squirrel came out to check it out too. I think he/she was somewhat amazed. He kept jumping about like wow what's this.
Jumping for joy, or he has cold feet.  From my vantage point it looked like joy. It must be his first winter. (Cell phone pics...sorry about the quality, but even fuzzy joy is definitely worth seeing.)

 * * * 

These two paintings have been sent to a good home. 

I found a scrap of heavy paper, so I put it to use for this rose bud.

I added a few embellishments to this wee violet painting.

And a few embellishments added to this one too.Watercolour paper on a birch panel. First attempt at multimedia. A learning lesson for sure since I don't really now what I am doing. :)  Because framing watercolour runs into added expense, I am hoping to use birch panels for other paintings. I may finish the sides, although I do like the look of the raw wood. 
This one isn't finish yet. Normally you finish with two coats of spray varnish, and then apply  Dorland's Wax Medium.

Framed "In the Tropics"

* * *
"Kindness is like snow. 
It beautifies everything it covers."

Kahil Gibran

Cultivate your dreams!

Have a lovely week...

April 05, 2016

Shoppe Launch Plus the Maestro

I opened a shop on Tictail. I heard about Tictail on Instagram, and I really liked their store front  designs, coupled with a straight forward setup. They have a wide range of stores--from upscale to individual craft stores. 
At this point, my little corner shoppe has a few prints on offer. (I'll add more prints as time goes on. Hopefully, a few more in blue, too.)  You can find the shoppe here.

The Maestro.
I had originally planned black tie but, being me, I couldn't resist painting his tails blue.
Work in progress. I call this point the breath holding stage ~  one slip of the brush and it could be all over but the crying. 

I used Fabriano Artistico 140 lb watercolour paper. I prefer painting on Fabriano paper because if I drop paint, I can usually lift it without damaging the paper. It's sturdy.
 For music buffs, yes that's a radical treble cleft.  Actually, it's a bird cleft for bird notes. :)

* * * 

There's still time to enter the giveaway for your choice of one of two prints that I am giving away to celebrate my shoppe opening. It's open to new/recent followers as well as those who have been reading along--some for almost three years now. xo  
Thanks to each one of you! 

To enter please leave a comment. Here's the link.

'Til next time. Have a lovely week!

April 14, 2015

Out and About

One of those divine days that I've been dreaming about all winter long finally arrived. And lovely it was. Temps 24C or 75.2 degrees F. with a warm breeze blowing from the south. So it was definitely time to throw off the winter woolies and head to the woods.

Eye of the Birch
Beautiful colour.

The plant life is just waking up so there's not much on the grow, but my son and I did meet and visit with a few hungry friends.

Mr. Chips the Chipmunk.

Yes please. I'm immensely fond of peanuts.
Peanuts? Shucks. I'd prefer a serving of sunflower seeds, please.

Er...maybe...just one, said the wee chickadee.

 * * *

On the needles ...

Increasing 7 stitches from 1 caused my frogging party :/ ( For non-knitters that means to rip it out.) Since a few of the holes were too large, I couldn't continue because I knew that the holes would never even out during blocking. The good news: I didn't have a life life but know where to begin again. Yes!

* * *
Painting... feathered friends...

One of my favourite birds: the marsh wren. They flit around in the marsh grasses and fly so fast that it is hard to catch more than a glimpse of one, so I decided to draw a couple.

Thanks for reading...Enjoy the week!

January 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog

Hi my name is Dixie. Welcome to my blog! I'd like to thank all of those who are participating in the Grow Your Blog party, and my wonderful, much appreciated, weekly/monthly readers for visiting! And a very special thank you to Vicki for hosting the event.

Originally, I thought I'd use my blog to share some of my writing. ( If you wish, you can click the short story tab to read a story.) However, I soon discovered that a blog post amounts to a published piece of writing, so I decided to expand and share my knitting projects, my love of books, nature pics, my drawings/paintings, and other things that I enjoy, or I am curious about, or that I find interesting.  For me, blogging has been, and continues to be, a great learning experience and a fun journey.  And I've been lucky to meet and share the experience with some wonderful folks!

Do have a look around; feel free to stay as long as you wish, and please visit, again, anytime.

O, yes and there's a  *giveaway.*  It's open to old and new readers.  Actually ~ everyone, anywhere!  To enter see the details at the end of the post.
Two shawls that I finished knitting in 2014.

Also finished in 2014 ~ a Christmas bird painting and my personal favourite ~ a lady slipper drawing.

* To enter the giveaway for the original watercolour card pictured below, please leave a comment
 with your contact information. The winner will be chosen on Feb. 15, 2015.  Only one comment per person, please. 
 ~ The giveaway does not transfer reproduction rights.

 Good luck!   

December 30, 2014

On the Cusp of a New Year

I've been loving the sunshine that ripples through the prisms in the morning, creating fiery displays on the floors and walls. The colours are gorgeous. It really brightens up the day!
And outside my window it looks like spring. Over the holidays, we had temps in the teens, and that has made short work of the two feet of snow we had. What a welcome reprieve!

My sketchbooks are getting fuller and I have a few items ready to paint. One 9 x 12 sketch that I am hoping with turn out well with the help of some new paints that arrived the other day. 


On the needles...

With the stash dwindling drastically,  I couldn't find enough contrasting yarn to work the stripes in this shawl in another colour, so I've opted for the monochrome look, but I think I have enough navy blue to work the lace edging. If, that is, it doesn't look too stark without the stripes to balance it.

Thank you for reading along this year.

    Happy New Year!  

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