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April 12, 2016

A Great Day for The Draw

We've been having a mixed bag of weather. Apparently, spring wants to take a little longer to arrive because we've had two snowstorms lately, but that's okay I can see the buds on the trees. I know things are happening underground and above it. All we need is a little more time and the cocooned leaves will burst out with glee after just a few warm days of sunshine.

But I digress this post is suppose to be about the draw, isn't it? Yes, it is. So without further adieu... I've pulled out my sun hat, dusted it off and dropped in the names; we gave it two or three shakes and my son, Jesse, drew from the depths Barbara Lillian's name. Congratulations Barbara! Barbara's choice from the above two prints (Marsh Wren and Ahoy) was the Ahoy birdie with his maritime flag, poking out from his sailor's hat that expressively says, "I wish to communicate with you."

He'll be winging his way over to Barbara hopefully as soon as tomorrow. I will be contacting her soon.
A special thank you to those who entered!

Enjoy the week...

January 26, 2016

Sketch in Blue and White

Because I love blue, I decided to expand my horizons and sketch in blue with white accents, although in these pictures, taken without a flash on this overcast day, the white area looks more like cream. I do, however, realize that sketching with a blue Micron pen might plunge me into the danger zone. Why? Because I may never change colours again. Seriously, though, it is fun.

I also fancy blue and white porcelain, but, unfortunately, I do not own any. In the spring, when the flea markets open, I will look for a few pieces. At one point, though, I did own a blue and white vase for growing crocuses. Unfortunately, it got lost in a move. Blue windmills swept around the vase. It was lovely. Who knows maybe one of these days I may draw a few old blue windmills too.
'Til next time. Enjoy the week...

July 19, 2015

Sketching Flowers Part II

A little jazz for my new sketchbook.
Top of the week to all of you!  I don't think I've every posted this early in the week.

Because it was so drab, I decided to dress up my new sketchbook; that, no doubt, is probably the point of buying one of these books. (I bought it because the paper.) I am not sure how long these watercolour flowers will stay on the Kraft paper, but I enjoyed painting them.

Over the years, I've heard many people say that they can't draw.  I don't think that's entirely true. Why? Because I was one of those people. It was only when I changed my mind that I managed to get something down on paper other, that is, than a stick man.  For me, drawing is a dream/wish come true! (Hmm, I wonder what else I can change my mind about ~ not sky diving!)

To expand upon that thought below is a video that someone sent me. It's amazing ~  you can't believe your eyes.  As you watch, you'll notice the deep concentration going on behind that paintbrush. However, with that said, I do feel very ambivalent about this video. In many ways it's heart breaking because, of  course, I'd like all wild animals to be free, but that's not always the case, especially these days. (This elephant is also someone's bread winner.)

We all know elephants are very intelligent, but should an elephant be taught to paint? We used to think that only humans used tools, this video goes well beyond that idea. On the other hand, perhaps this type of training will help the world recognize and cherish animals more, including saving their habitat.

What are your thoughts?

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